Inauguration Day: Donald Trump becomes the 45th US President today

Donald Trump’s Inaugural Ceremony as the 45th US President just created yet another stir around the world. The official swearing in ceremony at the 58th presidential inauguration took place tonight on January 20, 2017 at 10pm IST and PaGaLGuY has been bringing live updates about it for you.

Historically, the inauguration ceremony of the President-Elect is a public affair that sees the new US President take his oath and commence his presidential term at 12 noon ET on the day of January 20, every four years. The ceremony was attended by the Members of the Congress, high-ranking officers, former Presidents and other dignitaries. 

The ceremony began with the president-elect- Donal Trump arriving at the White House and proceeding to the inaugural grounds. He was accompanied by the previous US President, in this case, it was America’s first black President, Barack Obama. Other former Presidents who attended the ceremony were Jimmy Carter, George Bush and Bill Clinton.

At 12 noon, the new President then went on to take his oath and thereafter, delivered his inaugural speech. The presidential oath of office was administered by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of USA. 

Trump was sworn in with the same Bible that President Lincoln used for his inauguration. He also used a Bible that his mother gave him in 1955. Lincoln’s Bible has only been used by Lincoln and by President Barack Obama in 2009 and 2013.

The presidential speech is one that they country remembers for a long time into the president’s term, but in the case of Donald Trump and his precedent of controversial statements, one can only hope that today’s speech doesn’t fall in the lines of that. Although many Indians and others around the world eyeing the US as viable study and work options might want Trump to give an idea about immigrants’ future in the US.