Importance of Previous Year JEE Main Question Papers In Preparation

While preparing for JEE Main Exam, the students focus on completing the syllabus on time, understanding the concepts, solving numerical questions and following the exam pattern. But one of the most important things that all the students are told by their coaching centres or experts is to solve mock test papers and previous year question papers. The mock tests available online even make sure of the proper evaluation of the student’s preparation level. Practice of question papers also ensures the proper understanding of the exam pattern and reviewing the topics to be given more attention to.

The JEE Main question papers with solutions are available online which helps in self analysing. The candidate can download these question papers and set time on their own to practice for exams. As the solutions are also available, they can also check their answers and analyse their mistakes.

Importance of practicing previous year question papers

The one of the main tips followed by candidates for preparing for JEE Main is to practice question papers and give mock tests. Here are some of the main reasons to follow and practice previous year’s question papers:

    • Weightage: There are some topics which require more attention and more questions are based on them. To know this best way is to solve previous year’s question papers. You also get to know the amount of NCERT and non NCERT questions. 50 % of the JEE Main exam is NCERT based.


  • Recognising important topics: Candidates also get the idea of what topics are more important than the other by solving these question papers.
  • Trends in questions: The difficulty level keeps on increasing and decreasing of the JEE Main paper. So to get a better hold of what to expect while giving this exam, it is important to practice previous year question papers.
  • Time management: One of the main difficulties faced by JEE aspirants is they are unable to complete their exam on time. Solving previous year question papers and taking mock tests can be a perfect way to learn time management while appearing for this exam. The candidates can also create your own mock tests and create JEE examination environment for self analysis.
  • Increasing speed: The practice of previous year’s papers also ensures increase in speed while solving various questions.
  • Efficiency: Candidates are more likely to make silly mistakes in JEE examination. There might be things they miss out or get wrong because of lack of practice. The practice of question papers helps improve efficiency and reduces the probability of making mistakes.
  • Self ability and level: The candidates can also check their ability and level by solving various previous years’ question papers. They can also improve the areas in which they don’t feel satisfied.
  • Reality check: Some candidates after preparation might get over confident. The practice of question papers helps them evaluate their preparation and carry on with further studying.
  • Actual demands of the exam: Sometimes candidate are prepared with the subjects but still lack when it comes to solving questions. The question papers not only help understand the pattern but also determine what exactly the JEE examination expects from the candidates.
  • Self analysis: With checking self ability, the candidates get to know their score also. They can keep a track of their score in various question papers and analyse the graph of marks they score. They can also compare these scores with the previous year’s cut off marks of JEE Main and know how far they stand from their goal.


Importance of Mock tests

During preparation, candidates along with practicing of question papers also require to give mock tests. NTA has even established many practice centres in various schools and colleges to take up the mock test. The registration for these mock tests is free for all the candidates giving JEE Main exam. Main reasons to attempt mock tests are:

  • The candidates get a feel of the examination by giving mock test. They can gain confidence before the actual examination.
  • As soon as the timer goes on, the time starts for the examination and candidates are able to analyse their speed.
  • The weightage and marking scheme of the various topics can be also be determined through these tests.
  • The level of examination is also determined by giving mock test. It ranges from easy to moderate to hard. Candidate can prepare according to these levels.

So this article covered why practicing question papers and taking mock tests is important and helps crack JEE Main examination; To discuss More About JEE Main Exam Click Here.