-Karan Solanki, MBA (Class of 2022), FLAME University

We live in a world filled with memes. The social media platforms have to some extent proved that memes are the new necessary asset in the marketing sector. You have not arrived, if you don’t have a meme about you. Such is their power, that is harnessed by advertising and marketing professionals to the fullest.

According to ypulse.com, on an average, two out of five individuals follow meme accounts; out of which 43% were teens aged 13-17 years and 56% were aged between 18-20 years. The power of a good meme is that it captures the attention of the target audience and also serves as a good attraction for the potential audience.

The MBA students at FLAME University also explored the potential of memes for learning marketing strategies in a class by Prof. Dwarika Uniyal, Professor – Marketing and Dean – FLAME School of Business. The outcomes of this innovative strategy to learn concepts were indeed phenomenal.

Prof. Uniyal posed a simple question to the students, and asked them to express their learning of marketing concepts by creating memes.

A challenge encountered for the first time, the students were allowed to gather all their creative skills and get their message across. The memes that resulted by the students talked about various marketing concepts; from customer satisfaction to ethics in marketing. The memes created spoke louder than words used in marketing any product.

The students got hands-on experience with a very effective tool trending on our social media platforms today. The activity thus not only resulted in learning a new skill by the students, but also unleashing their creative side too. Here are a few examples of the memes  which helps us understand marketing.

  1. Roadblocks to life goals

Distractions and temptations like End Of The Season sale can be hurdles towards our goals. This meme was a smart reminder.

(Meme credits: Karan Kale, MBA 2020-2022.)

  1. Traditional approach v/s risk taking

Now that’s a dilemma every marketing campaign manager has dealt with at some point or another.

(Meme credits: Karan Solanki, MBA 2020-2022.)

  1. What does your customer want?

Campaigns work when they understand customers’ needs. Companies going into a huddle to decide strategies leaving the consumer out of the game, is simply a bad move.

(Meme credits: Dhruv Vithlani, MBA 2020-2022.)

  1. Reality and expectations

Unreasonable expectations can be the curse of every campaign. Wouldn’t it be a smoother ride if expectations matched reality?

(Meme credits: Karan Kale, MBA 2020-2022.)

  1. Ethics have their place

But no one wants to receive a dose of sermon with the product they are interested in. There is a thin line between poignant and preachy with the messaging.

(Meme credits: Dhruv Vithlani, MBA 2020-2022.)

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