Students of IIT Roorkee have become apprehensive of security issues on campus, after the Delhi Police arrested four suspected terrorists from Haridwar, 30 km away from Roorkee. The Local Intelligence Unit (LIU) of Uttarakhand Police has taken serious notice of the security issues at the campus and an LIU team also surveyed the security arrangements subsequently. Apart from that, the security office of IIT Roorkee is also in touch with the Quick Response Team (QRT) of the Bangal Tiger Cantonment stationed at Roorkee, should any emergency situation arise.

Since the campus is open to all residents of Roorkee city, there is a sense of caution around the campus. One major concern was raised by students over outside vehicles coming into the campus. “Even slight actions are inducing fear in the minds of students. It is important to assure them that steps are being taken and there is no jeopardy to their safety,” said a professor who did not want to be named. Students have reported incidents which may actually seem very trivial from an outsiders’ perspective. The security officers and the Student Affairs Council have taken a note of such incidents and are trying their best to assuage these apprehensions.

“The campus is quite porous and it is important that we take measures against any probable threat. Notices with instructions have been issued to the students. The security guards have also been instructed to ensure proper checking at the gates, and enforce more vigilance especially during the night,” said a security officer at IIT Roorkee. These rules are being imposed more strictly after the arrests at Haridwar came to light.

A notice from the institute asks students not to wander around after 10 p.m. and carry their identity cards at all times while on campus. A list of the security team’s phone numbers too has been put up on the notice boards for the students to report in case of any suspicious activities.

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