IIT DELHI launches IIT-PAL for JEE and NEET preparation

IIT Delhi has stepped in to give free instruction and assistance to 11th & 12th students preparing for numerous competitive tests such as JEE, NEET, IAT, and others.

The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi or IIT Delhi has recently released a new website for Class 11 and 12 students that will be helpful for them in preparing for competitive examinations.

The help is in the form of a website named IIT-PAL (Professor Assisted Learning) that allows a student to watch video lectures and interact with IIT professors live on the website.

The website named IIT-PAL (Professor Assisted Learning) has different types of video lectures for students to watch on the website. It also has an option for students to interact with IIT professors live.

IIT Delhi announced in a press release held on 8th February 2022 that to help their students understand the science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology, they launched the IIT-PAL website.

IIT Delhi also stated that the website could also be accessed by the self-studying students of classes 11 and 12th to help them do well in competitive exams like JEE, NEET, IAT and others.

The website would significantly help those students who can’t go to a coaching Institute, Joby Joseph, the National coordinator of IIT-PAL, said in the press release. He also added that the IIT-PAL website’s video lectures are in the context of the NCERT syllabus. The video lectures will be available on the various TV channels of swayamprabha and its website.

First, the students need to register with the IIT-PAL website. Afterwards, they can submit their topic-wise questions, which professors will solve and post on the website. Students can interact live with the professors to understand specific topics after ample requests on the issue. The IIT-PAL website will post the schedule of these live interaction sessions on various specific topics. The National Coordinator of IIT-PAL, Joby Joseph, also thanked the Ministry of Education for their support setting up the website.

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