IIM Raipur – My journey so far !!

Dreams do come true. They do jump out of our dream bubbles and transform into concrete reality on some lucky day. For me this day was 17th of June, 2013. A bag full of apparels, apprehensions and dreams landed at IIM Raipur and so did its owner.

No, it was not love at first sight. I had my share of disappointments, bouts of nervousness and the dizziness of ambiguity. But, then there was lot more on the other end.

Radiant white walls, brightly lit corridors, shining floors and warmth of collegial faces embraced every bit of nervous me. I felt a strange sense of belonging taking over me.

And then it all paced up. Laughter took over silence, strangers became friends, and time became sand, the more we wanted to get hold of it the more it slipped.

There were lessons waiting in each and every nook and corner. Microeconomics made sense when we traded off between sleep and breakfast; organizational behavior taught us self serving bias as we blamed the education system for everything and anything. Accounting showed us how going concern was the best form of optimism and marketing came into being when we learned that “just do it” was the only available option in many situations.

And this place was magical, in its own subtle special ways. It smelt of ambition, looked like a surreal dream and sounded like a simmer.

It was neither the bricks nor the fancy placement figures that made it so. I mean it could be one of the trivial reasons but what amazed me was the indomitable spirit of some 20 dozen people who literally rubbed shoulders with each other as they strived for their dreams. A powerful feeling envelops me as I think about two of my classmates who despite their lack of vision smile their way to success sans any hint of grudge or disappointment. They do it day in and day out and yet the sheen of smile never goes away.

Fighting all conventions, the Marissa Mayer of IIM Raipur came just two weeks after giving birth to her baby. She resembled one of those fictional superwomen who juggled the challenges of life with a relentless drive.

The floors of college salute the spirit of one among us who rose up again like a phoenix after a ghastly accident left him with a leg supported by countless rods. Doctors had told him that he would not be able to stand up on his legs ever again but someone was determined to defy all odds. Talk about the strength of will and we give you an example of a real life hero.

It was the joy of sharing space with these epitomes of inspiration that made my stay worth it. It was the synergy of positive hope that kept me awake through countless nights.

Media is always abuzz with stories of fancy placement figures and IIMs have become synonymous with them over the years. But isn’t it high time that we move beyond the pay slips to discover the real beauty behind these walls?

There are many great stories of ordinary people with extraordinary courage that are waiting to leave you in awe. Come discover them and seek your dreams at the right place for right reason with the right people.