IIM Lucknow Alumni launches a new Application to build business

The whole world’s progress has been halted nowadays due to this Covid –19 which has been declared as a pandemic by the world. This pandemic has affected all the countries of the world whether its USA, France, Brazil, India etc.

India, being a developed country has much more adequate resources due to our developed infrastructure but this all has suddenly come to a pause with the worldwide spread of Covid-19, which has really complicated the situation among all the individuals. Life and wealth both are at the stake due to this virus and ultimately everyone is suffering the loss.

Initially, the world has witnessed the complete lockdown which has resulted in overall recession, loss of jobs, many industries are closed like the oldest cycling company Atlas. This has resulted in a major setback to the economic structure.

Now there is an advisory issued by the government to maintain social distancing due to this people are forced to work from home but this is not feasible every time due to the connectivity loop-holes.

Thousands of social applications and networking applications are there to promote the business from home which are being used by companies nowadays from vegetable and fruits supply to grocery etc.

But at times they prove to be a complete failure due to their non- friendly user interface, as a beginner or old people who are not very friendly with the internet they find it very difficult to use.

IIM Lucknow alumni launched the Anar B2B application to resolve the issue and received excellent feedback within the time span of only 5 months. This Anar B2B application was launched in Jan 2020 and now it has been used by more than 10,000 businessmen and it is continuing to attract more and more businessmen towards it because of its user-friendly platform.

This app is very successful in maintaining the database of the customers, retailers, wholesalers and even the product list with its price.  The Anar B2B application requires only a smartphone and with a single click on a smartphone you can promote your business and do transactions online with ease, it can be done by elders and everyone very easily.

The Anar B2B application also provides you a link to create your business profile where both the whole-sellers and retailers can interact and share the prospects further to increase their business productivity and also witnessing the social distancing norms.

The supplier can even see for which product the buyers are interested to buy so accordingly the suppliers can showcase more such products to increase their sale and maintain the record too. Anar B2B application has proven to be very useful as it is bridging up the gap between the customers and the sellers in the present scenario.

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Source – The New Indian Express