IIM Calcutta in Squalid State after Cyclone Amphan

Killing more than 85 people and rendering hundreds and thousands of people homeless, Cyclone Amphan has inflicted severe devastation in the state during the last week.

Apart from causing damage to several homes and livelihood of the people in West Bengal, Cyclone Amphan has also wreaked havoc in one of the most prestigious business schools, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta, by uprooting the trees, damaging  telephone and electricity cables, and destroying walls surrounding the campus of the institute.

Anju Seth, director of IIM Calcutta, declared that, although no one was injured because of the Cyclone Amphan making landfall in the city, in his campus, online classes are disrupted. The institute has been conducting online sessions for students so that education can continue smoothly despite the pandemic.

Seth also said that when Cyclone Amphan hit West Bengal on May 20 the campus of IIM Calcutta was thrashed by the thunderous pouring of rain and wind, causing significant damage to the institute’s premises and infrastructure. As a result, trees were deracinated from the ground, water supplies were ruptured, and electricity & telephone cables were cut down.

The wall surrounding the campus and several other buildings adjacent to the building received critical damage. The windows and doors of some buildings blow out due to devastating winds. In fact, the solar panels installed on the rooftop for water heating purposes also blew away.

The good news is that despite all the turbulent winds, no one, in campus, was hurt during Cyclone Amphan. The campus is famous for its scenic lakes, and the institute’s water management system is known all over the country. None of the lakes flooded despite the rainstorm. Moreover, the college had pre-planned for this disaster and hence ensured there is no electricity blackout.

She also said that umpteen measures were undertaken to remodel necessary services to the campus. The institute also expects that the “Joka Spirit” will influence all the stakeholders to co-operate in rehabilitating the premier institute and restore its magnificent glory.

Most of the students have been staying away from campus as they are pursuing their internship after completing the first year or grabbed secure jobs during the placement season.

Online classes for Executive MBA and Visionary Leadership in Manufacturing are obstructed due to telecom network blackouts in Kolkata but will be resumed as soon as the connectivity is revamped. Moreover, the admission process for MBA students is also delayed due to these network outages.

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Source – The Hindustan Times