The biggest problem that we are facing today is pollution. The environment around us is being polluted because of the greenhouse gases released in the atmosphere by the vehicles and the industries. Even, the Marine and Aquatic lives have suffered as a result of the poisonous chemicals contaminating the rivers and oceans. This pollution has led to extreme weather conditions which further exacerbate the situation. These effects of pollution can be reduced by following some simple steps in our daily life.

Go Green Forum
(GGF) the eco-club at the Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT),
Bhopal, promotes the participation of students in learning about, and
improving their environment.  This may
involve simple tasks such as promoting usage of reusable bags when shopping
thereby avoiding the requirement of plastic bags. The idea of reusing materials
to save the environment does not sit well with everyone. The main reason for
this ignorance is lack of awareness among students about the effects and
consequences of pollution. GGF motivates students to actively participate in protecting
the environment by conducting successful events such as ENVIRO, Earth-Hour, Parivarthan and Cycle rally. The motto of these events is elevating the need for
environmental awareness and conservation through interesting and fun filled

Apart from active
promotions in the college, GGF-MANIT collaborates with WWF (World Wide Fund) in
organizing the earth hour on the 26th march every year. GGF-team also
participated in national level green competitions which are held by esteemed
institutions and won many of them. GGF-MANIT also won the Earthian’14
completion which was conducted by Wipro. 
In the event Reformation conducted by IIT Bombay Techfest, GGF-MANIT
secured 4th position in which more than 600 teams took part. It also won the
3rd position in Green-X competition conducted by IIT-Varanasi.

This year
GGF-MANIT is all set to organize the ENVIRO 2.0 on 13 February 2016 with all
its exciting events. Participate and win exciting prizes. The events include,
treasure hunt- a green quest, paper mania- best out of waste, show time- real
reel time.


                       BE GRATEFUL TO YOUR MOTHER EARTH!!

                                     GO GREEN

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