If i were to use the Time Machine to go back in time…

If everybody was allowed to use the time machine to go back in time, some of them might like to go back in the late 20’s and warn the world about the Great Depression, some of them to the 60’s to hear the mesmerizing music of The Beatles, and many of us Indians would want to be a part of the Great Revolt against the Britishers and finally wave the Indian tricolor in celebration.

But when i ponder about the same question, the answer that comes flowing from my heart onto my lips is that i would love to go back to the place from where it all started – My mother’s womb. I want to float there for another 9 months, unconcerned about everything, just enjoying my stay at the safest and the most beautiful place in the world.Love is a thing that comes without any terms and conditions,a thing which can’t be touched but can only be felt and what better example of love than a mother-child relationship.

A Mother is the best gift God has bestowed upon mankind and these 9 months are the golden period which nobody should have the right to take away from us. But it is quite unfortunate that there are many children in this world, especially in this country, who are deprived of this unconditional love and affection and are killed in the womb itself, over some unethical gender bias issues. These unlawful and inhumane activities only lead to separation of a soul from its body and it is a matter of shame as to how they forget that it was only a girl who had brought ‘them’ to life.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter if i am a boy or a girl, whether i am hated or loved, or even if they kill me without even seeing me, all that matters to me is staying in that cover, in that shade, in that soul to where i belong. I think that these 9 months are much better than even spending 90 years in this shameful and cruel world outside !!!!