Heart-ache? Lets heal it!

It’s for the special ones suffering with the most coveted fever- Love! [Actually, to be more precise, the scene after the heart attack (breakup!)]

I once believed, Love is simply happiness with blend of emotions, like, forgiveness, candidness, anger, jealousy, feeling of hatred, at times like a habit, an infatuation, an expectation figure, et al. But all these beautiful and jelly-coated adjectives turn sour when you are been dumped and he asks you to move on!

As love is more being just a kid. It has to be looked upon as a mature gift by God and those who play with it like a kid, end up breaking it up!

While observing kith n kin and some hidden acquaintances, (Sshh…) I have realized that there are actually 2 phases, when you are trying hard to come up from a relation (rather been pushed out!).

The first one commences when you start saying things like, ‘It’s too much now, I think I should move on now’, I’ll forget about him & would no longer think of him or call him’…But alas, u commit an innocent gaffe and end up calling (msg!) Him/her (wherever you fit in!) at some odd hour of the day and thus fail to stay erect on your commitment! You then think that No, I can’t really live without Him, I can’t move on…You start feeling suffocated, lonely and mournful. You feel as if it was yesterday only when he had opened his heart in front of you or had caressed you in the most adorable fashion you had ever wished for…You curse the moment when he ditched you or walked past you. At that moment of time, you look for some shoulder to grieve upon and a listener who could listen about him (without any cost-free advice!), even if it’s in the wee hours of morning! But all this happens, when just few months have passed off (after ‘partition!’).

Now comes the second phase. And it means that the time has grown more. In this phase, you get to realize that now it’s time to get mature, think wisely and look for a pragmatic approach. We start thinking about the real ‘Happiness’ of our lover (to be precise, ex-lover!). We start believing that even if we are apart, still our lover is happy. And that is the thing which should matter the most! (Puppy love been modified to mature love!)

As you grow and enter the phase two, you start realizing two things. One being his ‘Happiness’ (already been discussed) and the other being ‘Sacrifice’ (on your part!). You realize that you have got to sacrifice your inner feelings, your irresistible desires and alluring wishes for his happiness…

As you now know that He is genuinely happy without you…

He has moved along, even if you have stayed behind…!