ICAI protest: Rahul Gandhi Supports the Aspirants

ICAI protest: Rahul Gandhi Supports the Aspirants
ICAI protest

Carrying a mix reputation also the member of the Indian Parliament, representing the constituency of Wayanad, Kerala Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday urged all political parties to show a united action with the students of the Chartered Accountant course in their efforts to make the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI) change the way it assesses the exam papers.

“Around India 12 Lakh CA, students are striving for their right to have their exam papers re-evaluated by ICAI. Showing the comprehensive reports of errors in the evaluation of answer sheets, this call is justified and should be encouraged by all political parties. #dearicaiplschange,” Gandhi’s tweet read.

On Monday the students and CAs had begun a nationwide protest against the ICAI, forcing the board to end its alleged practice of “moderating” the results of examinations held by it.

With Rahul Gandhi, the first notable leaders came out to show his open support towards the protesting students. All the protestors assembled outside the headquarters of the ICAI near the ITO office in New Delhi to show that now the water is above the head and it’s time to keep the foot down.

Under the section 39 of the CA Regulation which provides ICAI the right to manipulate marks is severely being misused to maintain their passing ratio, confirmed Tarun Choudhary, a student at the protest told ANI here adding “We are protesting against the moderation of the results in the exam held by the ICAI body. Candidates were not given any marks, even in the multiple-choice questions (MCQ).

Additionally, Choudhary further claimed that the institute acting on its notion and is not awarding full marks to the students even in MCQ segment.

The protest obtained fumes on social media with the hashtag DearICAIpleasechange soon driving the trend on Twitter.