I see the light….

If the young sailor had known that it could well be his last voyage,he wouldn’t have gone into the sea.

A storm has struck the coastal area and he,in his wooden cockleshell, is battling the ferocious waves whooshing by.He has already surrendered his fate against the baleful storm.Suddenly,he sees a glimmer of hope,a light emerging from Lighthouse, far away.A song of hope echoes inside him:

I see the light; Sprouting from darkness.

In the midst of tumultuous storm; Glowing with intrepidness.

Withstanding excruciation of ferocious waves; Guiding the souls off forlornness.

I see the light; Bestowing me with a hope in despair; In it I find an inspiration to combat my fate.

Doesn’t same hold true for life too? We are often surrounded by the waves of expectations,views and opinions of and rules laid down by society.The one who emerges a winner is the one who is willing to battle the storm and work his way towards the light.