I am a Team Man: Nominations open for CAT Dream Team, Underdogs Team, SB Team and Girls’ Dream Team

It’s the time of the year for the PaGaLGuY community’s CAT teams again. The teams which everyone wants to get into, not just because they smoothen the MBA entrance journey but also because of the bonhomie, friendships and the memorable moments they foster.

What are these teams and how do they work?

There are four national teams,

Dream Team

Underdogs Team

Shout boxers team

Gals’ Dream Team.

And regional/city versions of some of these teams.

1. PaGaLGuY Dream Team

The Maharaja Mac of PaGaLGuY teams, the most followed one, looked at by everybody for inspiration. Almost all puys from past versions of the Dream Team are studying in or have graduated from the best b-schools of the country. This team comprises all the mock CAT maulers and proven performers in the previous year’s entrance tests.

Getting into this team allows you to network and interact with the best minds of the country in the MBA test preparation arena.

Nomination and selection: Anyone on PaGaLGuY can vote for puys they think are truly ‘dream team material’. Then the votes are counted by the judges to select the team comprising 11 members, two reserves, two cheerleaders and a coach.

More here.

2. Underdogs Team

“Feels like I’m lost in a moment

I’m always losing to win

Can’t get away from the moment

Seems like it’s time to begin.”

Everyone who gets into this team is an underdog at heart. This team is for everyone who may not be a serial mock topper but has the potential to become a top performer any one of these days. Time and again, puys from past editions of this team have also made it to the best b-schools of this country and at times given the Dream Team some existential troubles.

For the Underdogs Team, puys can nominate themselves. Eventually, the judges select the members based on how much fire the nominees have in their bellies.

More here.

3. Shout Boxers Team

The most entertaining and colorful team of PaGaLGuY. A team for all those who love spending their time chit-chatting on the shout box and elsewhere, but still have the passion to make it big.

More here.

4. PaGaL Gals Dream Team

Girl power! A team of future CAT crackers exclusively for girls, also known as the fashion-brigade or naari-shakti of PaGaLGuY. This team had its first edition last year and members made it to IIMs and other elite schools.

More here.

Besides these, there are also regional and city versions of the above national teams.

How do these teams help?

Just as 1 and 1 make 11. Participating in these teams can increase your efficiency at the CAT and enlighten your thought process. Whenever you are down, someone from your team would always be around to motivate you, to inspire you.

Constant idea sharing takes place inside each of the teams. In the process, these teams become like your family. Most importantly, they make your CAT journey beautiful and memorable by splashing it with a bunch of great people.

Deadline for nominations to these teams: August 25, 2011

(Yeah, act fast!)

How to nominate? Visit the threads linked above. See an overview here.

Nitin Kumar is rahicecream on the PaGaLGuY forums.