How You Can Save Money Travelling Across India

There are obviously many ways that you can get from point A to B, but travelling can get a bit tricky depending on how quickly and how soon you need to get to the place you have in mind. Some people also have certain preferences for what’s cheaper or what’s more comfortable for them.

For example, I personally have trouble using the bus for long distances as long journeys tend to afflict me with vertigo that the average motion-sickness prone person would do best to avoid. On the other hand though, if you book in advance and know which agents to book from, traveling by bus is certainly cheaper than traveling by car unless you’re doing it with friends who are willing to split the cost of gas.

If you plan on making a cross-country trip and are in for some adventure on the way, then maybe hitch-hiking is an option for you. I wouldn’t recommend this to the faint of heart though, and if you’re a girl, then I suggest at least trying it out with a male companion first if you’re eager to get in on the rush.

Now, carpooling is of course another method of transportation that some may be fond of as well. It’s comparable to hitch-hiking in that you’re getting into a stranger’s car, but it’s different because carpooling is usually organised ahead of time and typically involves more than one person looking for a ride to the same location. In that respect, you have less to be scared of. Most carpoolers are often requested to pay a fee to hitch a ride too, while hitch hikers are just picked up from the goodness of the driver’s heart most of the time.

Obviously, if you’re looking to travel a great deal further away than a car will take you — whether this will be a domestic or international trip — then my advice to you is definitely too book ahead of time since rates are usually cheaper. Many big airlines like Emirates and Qatar Airlines have great deals if you plan on travelling to the Middle East, other parts of Asia and some major cities in Europe, while known travel agents like Yatra always have great coupons for both domestic and international trips.

Whatever the way, if you plan on travelling this summer or any other month, be sure to explore your options carefully to see where you can grab a great deal!

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