A Journey, A Realisation- Part 1

“Never go where life takes you. Take life wherever you go.”- Myself.

The above said quote is what I preach now. Life prior to me sitting for my placements in college had various twists and turns with F being a dominant alphabet throughout – fun, frolic, family, fate, futile, fear, female, fights, friends, foes and my best friend- failure. My failures would not mean much to the world, as outside I was an 8.8 CGPA holder on the brink of a University rank. But within, I was defeated time and again in the goals I set. As I entered the room, where my interview was scheduled for a reputed IT firm, and started fumbling in the questions put forth related to programming and stuff, I got- the Eureka moment on hearing one question. “What have you prepared for the interview process??” Though it was a question put forth out of frustration by the panelist, it was indeed an eye opener for me. It struck me hard that- this was not what I prepared for. Slogging through the beaten path, the Indian dream of Engineering had been successfully crossed but what next? The coding world? The American bridegroom feel? Was that me? Several questions started finding their own answers in my head but the poor panelist soul was gulping down his coffee with frustrations all over his face.” You may leave”- these where the final words he said to me. But being the department topper, at that time, the IT job was in my bag despite me ridiculing my interview. The urge and the spark brought me to the sanity I had searched within myself. That was when I saw failures as friends. After all they teach me to better my thinking and not think that my thinking is the best. Consequently, I took the first brave decision ( the proud moment) in my life- I declined the IT offer. Phone calls flowed from all parts of the world( A Big Indian Family) banging me from all sides. “What plans do you have in life?”,” Your dad is a heart patient!”,” You have a younger brother!”!! My parents were confused as to what I was doing but the one thing I would be grateful to them throughout life is- They never forced me to work then. My mom said-” Do what you like son! You are old enough.I will earn till I can!” My dad echoed the same. I was moved. The first step I took then was joined hands with my college mates on a startup of theirs- Eclipse Creations, a Media studio that expertises in anything and everything related to Media. I took up the post of Marketing executive( self assigned :D). Within two days, I comprehended that my vision and theirs was varied ( The main thing is the vibe in a team. If it does not set, get ur backs out!). I backed out and there I stood- Loser as they called.What I did next?
To be continued….

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