How would I prepare for an executive MBA for FMS?

Students know how difficult it can be to get into a college that they wanted to study in. hours of preparation, hard work and countless sleepless nights are expended in the hope of making it to their favorite college.

If you’ve had your eyes set on the Faculty of Management Studies or FMS which is one of the best colleges for management studies, then brace yourselves. Hold on to your dreams and motivation and prepare to challenge yourself every day.

  1. Start with a Bachelor’s degree: MBA is a postgraduate course, so to get into any college of management you would require bachelor’s degrees. Select a course you find easily so that you can score well and have a high aggregate. You will need a minimum aggregate of 45 percent to be eligible.
  2. Earn experience: Having a degree barely means anything if you lack hands-on expertise. You will need some experience in your field. You will need experience as an administrator or as an executive in a private or government enterprise. It is always helpful to have a first-hand experience. This will help you to understand your course better once you start studying in FMS. The more exposure you have, the better are your chances of clearing the interview. So focus on this portion well.
  3. Take the test: Most colleges will require you to take some kind of entrance exam. Take examinations like GMAT or CAT. To study for the entrance exams, you will find loads of material online. Offline tuitions are available as well. The chances of admission depend mostly on how you rank in the entrance examinations.
  4. Suit yourself: Next, you will need to do some research. Select a program that is best for you. Several options are available, distance learning, online classes or full time classes. See what works best for you. Learn about the pros and cons of each method and choose wisely.
  5. Academic profile: Colleges would want to read your detailed academic profile. List the schools and colleges you have studied before and added your job experience as well. Highlight the important aspects of the job that you have taken on. This further increases your chances of getting selected.
  6. Talk to the boss: Ask your employers to write a letter of recommendation. Ask them to write about your contributions to the company and how your MBA degree will benefit the company and your employers. Emphasis on how the degree will improve your performance and fulfill your personal career goals.

At FMS you will learn from experienced professors who are committed to education. The professors are helpful and you can approach them with any doubt you have.  Field studies and several other programs will be conducted for you to gain experience.

Basic courses of Human Resource and organizational behavior will be taught. FMS is a dream for all students who are aspiring to take up management studies. Do not worry, following the above steps and some hard work on your part will land you in this college.

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