UPSC Preparation 2019

UPSC examination is one of the prestigious and toughest exams amongst the competitive examinations. And over the years it has become even more dynamic as the number of aspirants preparing for it has increased tremendously.

It has become a myth that only the aspirants who have joined coaching classes will clear the examination. And aspirants who are self-studying do not stand a chance.

Nevertheless, the digital world has turned tides for people who are constrained with social and financial norms. They are now turning to apps and tutorial videos.

As many of the online coaching websites have simplified everything including study material for the aspirants, they have now become the most favoured source for preparation.

If you are confused and not confident as to how to exactly use this technology to prepare for the UPSC exam? Here are a few benefits of online coaching to guide you better.

  • Smart news – Every aspirant usually starts their day by reading a newspaper. Even if you have now become handy with current affairs, it would be wise to pick up important news from the online portals. Every online portal update news on a daily basis, you need to spot the common news on multiple portals which in an indication of its importance level and know it thoroughly. You can make notes or purchase the monthly booklets of these online portals for easy preparation.
  • Mock tests- If you have joined a regular coaching class, you will have mock tests every weekend. But if you are a self-study these online mock quizzes will help a lot! Many websites have free mock tests that you can give according to their timetable. However, a few of the websites have a paid premium version of mock tests which are quite cheap. You can purchase those as mock tests, as it holds a lot of importance during preparation.
  • Doubts– as a UPSC aspirant you will encounter many doubts on your preparation journey. It becomes hard for a home study aspirant to get their every doubt cleared. Luckily, now many online portals have counsellors and doubt clearing sessions. You can just comment or simply connect to a forum of aspirants to clear all your doubts.
  • Hours in travel– Online coaching will save many hours of yours that you once ideally spent on traveling to the coaching classes. You can invest those hours in either resting or some rejuvenating activity this will boost your productivity when you go back to books.
  • No rigid schedule– Unlike the traditional coaching method, online coaching does not have any rigid schedule. You can prepare from it whenever you want, working professionals can make the most of it.
  • Just a click away! – Online coaching has improved the connectivity so much that everything for every aspirant is now just a click away. Aspirants can get themselves updated with every UPSC news by simply browsing these websites.

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Final getaway!

Online portals have brought a revolutionary change in the coaching and preparation of UPSC. If you have any financial constraints and cannot enroll in for a fulltime coaching, you can easily rely on the online materials. It is absolutely free and comes in handy during the preparation time.

Many a time people hesitate and doubt the credibility of these portals, but let us tell you that the online material is written by experts in the respective field and so there is no reason to worry about.

You can quickly browse and smartly prepare from these online resources.

Thank you.

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