For postgraduate courses and competitive platforms, one usually applies to many colleges at once. For a postgraduate degree in MBA the college matters a lot but getting in one is very hard as there are way too many people applying to do an MBA. Applying for many different top colleges and tackling the CAT exam as well is a hard job to do. The following steps should help you organize your study material and pattern as per the exams you need to give.

  1. Prioritize

One needs to prioritize what they want and why they want it. When applying for different colleges one needs to know among that college which is the one, they really want to get admitted in and study very hard for that college’s exam.

  1. Collect

Making a table or writing all the exam dates on one paper helps the candidate know which one comes first and how the pattern goes. The first exam is what the candidate can work towards and then the next. It is just a simpler and a more organized way to remember the dates for the numerous exams.

  1. Note

The candidate should note down the syllabus for all the exams he or she has applied for. Usually, all these exams have a very similar exam pattern and syllabus. So as the candidate works for one of the papers which has all the sections or the greatest number of sections he or she is automatically simultaneously working on the sections of a different exam with a similar syllabus.

  1. Practice

Individual mock question papers should be practised. Even though most of the type of questions or the pattern is solved one needs to be able to solve all the different MB papers properly without being stuck on a question or being caught off guard because of a different pattern.

  1. Read

Reading is an important part of preparing for an MBA exam. All MBA exams will require or will test the reading and knowledge of the candidate. Reading magazines or newspapers and books will help a lot in gaining knowledge and answering during personal interviews. While reading, in general, will slowly increase the speeds of reading which will help answer the exam papers faster and read those big logical reasoning questions easily. It will also help the brain point out the important parts and points of any paragraph faster and thus will help in writing a better answer.

  1. Write

Writing may not seem like an important requirement for an MBA exam as all the exams consist of only multiple-choice questions. Writing will help the candidate with increasing his or her vocabulary and will help them improve their spoken English too. While writing one thinks twice about a sentence and the appropriateness of the sentence but while speaking one fails to do so. If one has a better spoken and written English one has higher chances of giving a good personal interview that can impress the interviewers a lot.

  1. Thinking of the next

One mistake that many students make is overthinking about the exam they have already given. At times one is not able to perform properly in the first exam itself but being sad over this and being pessimistic and negative about this matter usually ruins the preparation for the next exam as well. One needs to be positive about the exams and try their best to score as much as the possibly can. After one exam the candidate should forget about it even if the exam went well and start preparing for the next exam as if the next one is the only exam they are giving.

It’s always good to apply for only some exams that one thinks are good and he or she is capable enough to get admitted in one of those. Usually, everyone thinks that the number of colleges one applies for the more chances they have of getting admitted somewhere and be able to pursue MBA but that is true only to an extent. If one applies for too many college exams, he or she might not be able to concentrate on any one of the exams and score high in that. So, applying for maximum of eight exams is advised but if one applies for more exams the chances decrease. To know more about this exam please click on Common Admission Test.

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