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While preparing for exams like Common Admission Test (CAT), stress management is essential. However, stress management is incredibly easy, and it brings out positive energy and continues to be focused on their goal until they need to achieve it.

If you recognize the way to overcome stress, your preparation for CAT is going to be smooth enough then you think. Instead, you may start enjoying it. This manner, your efficiency and productivity will undoubtedly multiply. Here you will learn 13 tips that will help you manage CAT preparation stress.

  1. Set your goals

It is good to be goal-driven, but don’t burden yourself. Only working hard is not the solution to success. It would help if you make SMART goals that are Measurable, Specific, Relevant, Attainable, and Time-bound. If you’re thinking that you aren’t sure as shooting to follow through on a goal or goals, it probably isn’t realistic.

  1. Build confidence

Don’t waste time for securing low marks in mocks; embrace your failure. To succeed, you have got to acknowledge what number times you have got failed and the way repeatedly you again emerged smarter and better. Attempt to identify the explanations behind these failures. Not having enough effort is additionally a reason that you should identify with.

  1. Be the CEO of your brain

Work in step with your capacity and devise a timetable for CAT preparation as per your efficiency. Don’t follow your friend’s schedule merely because they’re performing better. They may have their strengths and weaknesses, and you furthermore might bear in mind what proportion time and energy they’re fitting. Everyone includes a different level of a grasp on concepts. Analyze where you’re going wrong and fix it before it’s too late.

  1. Take breaks to check more

Take a brack of 5 minutes before again getting back to study. Grab some coffee, stretch your legs, take a stroll, and find back to your work. When the break is over, you will find yourself with a refreshed and more focused mind. As they assert, all work and no play make Johnny a dull boy!

  1. Don’t skip breakfast and meals

We often become overly enthusiastic about achieving our goals and ignoring our health. We find yourself losing track of your time and missing meals. If you want to win the  CAT race, you need a healthy and well-nourished mind. It could affect your ability to concentrate; hence it may hamper your performance.

  1. Realize the facility of the current

Follow your daily targets, rigorously. Don’t consider what is going to happen after a month, or how you may perform within the next CAT? Target these 24 hours, make the foremost of the day, and you may automatically be one step closer to success.

  1. Note down your worries

You might be wondering as to how does writing down things will help? Well, it can give two purposes. First, it’ll cause you to more focused on gradually eliminating those issues, and second, it’s verified and trusted that writing things before taking an exam helps you perform better. Do that in your next mock or sectional test.

  1. Comparison is your enemy

It is good to debate questions and methods with peers but never compare your preparation with them. It can only elevate stress levels. Concentrate on your plan and be your competitor. Attempt to perform better a day and break your benchmarks.

  1. Give rest to your mind and body

Every aspirant is tempting to be an all-nighter and study over others. But is that this strategy beneficial within the long run? Sleep affects how well you perform once you are awake. It plays an essential role in learning and memorizing. Taking a minimum of 6-hour sleep may be a must to remain far from exam stress.

  1. Do exercise and meditation

Did you recognize that once you exercise the guts and sweat glands go in overdrive and that they stimulate the world of the brain involved in verbal memory and learning? Exercise on day after day for a minimum of 15-20 minutes. If activity isn’t your thing, then meditate. If you would like to manage CAT preparation stress, nothing is easy than meditating. Concentrate on your breath, and shortly the stream of jumbled thoughts that are crowding your mind will turn.

  1. Add a simulated environment

If you’re worried about the D-day, start giving mocks or practicing for CAT in an exceedingly CAT simulated environment. You’ll be able to provide the mock rather like the final exam, with no breaks and with the same mindset. Generally, the fear of giving CAT will vanish into the void.

  1. Reduce your phone usage

The curb distractions caused by mobile phonee are already ahead of your peers. Set a fixed time to use social media every day. You can also start by switching-off yje phone data and subsequently you can turn-off the notifications from Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, or any socializing platform while studying. To achive high CAT percentile, you need to steer clear of Social Media.

  1. Your schedule needs a Buffer

Everything doesn’t need to happen according to your daily schedule. It is essential to keep buffer in your plan. It will account for unforeseen situations. Always make room for the buffer to absorb anything that cannot predict. It could be as small as downtime due to the flu or as big as a family emergency.

The following eight powerful affirmations to yourself and see the magic gradually.

I will try my best.

I believe in myself

I will stick to my schedule

I will become more focused

I am developing self-discipline

I will learn from my mistakes

I will perform well in today’s test

I love and ассерt myself

Remember that is this entire journey of cracking CAT. So, keep improving yourself, and write your own success story!

Best luck with your preparation.

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