How To Ace CAT 2022 In Your First Try (Without Quitting Your Day Job)

One of the first pressing questions most working professionals looking to answer CAT face is whether they can crack CAT without quitting their jobs. The answer to this is reasonably simple and positive. It is definitely possible to crack CAT without quitting a full-time day job. 

As the CAT 2022 nears the calendar, the countdown to D-day has already begun. But how does one prepare for CAT in three months while hustling a full-time job? One needs a good strategy and a committed timetable to hustle through one of the most competitive management aptitude tests, that is, CAT.

CAT 2022 Exam Details: 

Frequency: Once a year

Exam Date – November 27, 2022

No. of Questions – 66

Number of Sections: 3 (VARC, DILR, QA)

Conducting IIM – IIM Bangalore

Duration: 120 minutes (40 minutes per section)

Marking structure: Three marks for every correct answer and minus one for every wrong attempt. 

CAT 2022 applications are now open at, with an exam cost of INR 2,300 for the general category and INR 1,150 for the reserved category.

Sections in CAT

Quantitative Ability:

This section tests the mathematical and quantitative ability of the aspirants. Some of the pressing topics that are covered in the section are: 

  • Arithmetic 
  • Number Systems 
  • Geometry 
  • Menstruation 
  • Algebra
  • Permutation and Combination

Data Interpretation/ Logical Reasoning:

This section is divided into two parts, data interpretation and logical reasoning. Primarily this section assesses the deduction and critical sense of the students. Some of the topics covered in this section are: 

  • Venn Diagrams 
  • Cubes 
  • Games and Tournaments 
  • Maximization and Minimization

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension:

This section assesses the verbal ability of the students and their inference skills. The section also focuses on gauging the critical thinking of the students. Some of the topics that the section covers are: 

  • Paragraph questions 
  • Paragraph jumbles 
  • Para Completion 
  • Context sentence

Methods to ace CAT 2022 

The last few months before the CAT 2022 are the most crucial ones. Students must strategize and buckle up if they want to crack the CAT 2022 with passing colours. Some of the critical strategies one needs to adopt in their preparation are: 

Cover all the basics: 

The very first step is to get the fundamental concepts right. One should have a good understanding of topics in every section. It is always a good idea to start with books that start with step 1.

Practice Every Day:

One needs not just an understanding of the concepts but also a stronghold of practice to improve accuracy. One needs to work on all questions and exercises to improve the accuracy of questions.

Master the Speed: 

The most important factor that spices up the competition in CAT is the factor of beating the clock. Solving the questions accurately within the time frame is essential; this is possible only through continual practice. Once you have got a hold of the concepts, it is a great idea to practice with a timer and time all the questions.

Mocks are Essential: 

The common ingredient in every CAT topper’s success is consistent practice on mock tests. Some websites give open access to mock tests, but it is a good idea to enrol for a mock series with a proctored option. This gives a clear picture of where one stands in terms of preparation. It is also a good idea to appear for sectional and topic-wise tests now and then to get a hold of different levels of questions that come up in CAT.

Maintain a Balance Schedule:

One should maintain a balanced timetable and healthy schedule to prepare for CAT. Following the timeline diligently and in a disciplined manner is important to crack CAT. It is essential to dedicate time to every topic and set aside specific time for mocks. Keeping up the habit of reading the news daily is vital.

Consistency is the Key:

Ask any aspirant of CAT; they know that consistency is the key to cracking CAT. It is important to be determined in this journey and stay true to the aim.

Hustling time: 

One should balance work with preparation in a healthy manner. It is okay to have 6 hours of sleep for the next few months and set aside time in the morning and night to prepare for CAT 2022. Dedicating weekends specifically for CAT preparation is also a good idea.

In all, CAT 2022 is just around the corner. Hence the aspirants should buckle up and prepare for the most challenging management exam in India.

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