Date: 07/02/2016

Venue: Mumbai

No. Of panelists: 2

Duration of Interview: 20 minutes approx.

Background: Commerce. Fresher. Took a drop to prepare for CAT.

P1: So you have been doing nothing.(referring to my drop) and now CAT and interview processes are also almost complete. What is your plan now?

A: MBA sir

P1: Even if you get in a C grade college? Are you sure you want to do an MBA from MBA college.

A: Sir that should not happen

P1: So what am I supposed to take this

P2: What’s your plan B

A: I’ll join my father’s business.

P1:  Ok so you are from a family business. What’s the business?

A: Told them about it.

P1: What subjects you studied in your B.Com.

A: Told 3 subjects

P1: So you studied a lot(sarcasm). Tell me the analogy between this hotel and accountancy.

A: Can you repeat the question sir

P1: (Repeated the question) ( I didn’t get the question)

P1: I mean what are the similarities or dissimilarities between hotel and accounts. Or there is nothing and what the hell I am talking.

A. (Tried to make some guess)

P1: Ok this question is very difficult for you. (P2 then asked 4-5 questions by breaking question starting from basics. I kept trying. P1 was At the end when after all their efforts when I didn’t get the analogy between hotel and accountancy)

P1: Ok. You cannot connect the dots. Shake your brain. ( In our AWT. An argument was given by the author that NGOs should not get the funding. And then there were questions on the

P2: What evidence should be provided.

A: There should be some examples of NGOs.

P2: Are some examples sufficient.

A: I hesitated and said yes

P2: Ok. Today Dhoni got out on 0. Conclusion: He is a bad player. I gave an example. Is this sufficient evidence.

A: No sir.

P2: I can give

A: Maybe a city’s data.

P2: Accha beta(Not really) How many NGOs are there in Mumbai.

A: 3000

P2: How will you get data of 3000 NGOs.

A: Sir, RTI

P2: Are NGOs covered in RTI.

A: ahh I don’t know.

P2: What you like to do in free time.

A: Movies sir.

P2: That’s all?

A: I have started reading. New hobby.

P2: How many movies you watch in a week.

A: Haven’t seen many recently sir. Last I saw on Saturday.

P2: Which movie. A: The Bucket List

P2: StarCast

A: JN and MF

P2: Give me 3 reasons that will inspire me to watch this movie.

A: 1. JN and MF did really good acting ( P2 shakes his head is disapproval) 2. It will inspire you to make a bucket list.

P1&P2: we don’t know what a bucket list is.

A: Sir Bucket list is things you want to do.

P1 laughs and says: This is a good answer( mockingly and sarcastically).

P2: What other movies?

A: Airlift

P1: What happens in the movie?

A:(Told the plot)

P2: Why Saddam invaded.

A: Oil sir (guess) (Then they asked on why he did it. Countered my oil answer . but I didn’t

P1: So you just watch movies but are not interested in knowing their history?

A: Sir sometimes I do but….

P2: Ok take a toffee and go.

A: Thank you sir (Picked toffee. Went out in search of ) All the best!

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