How do I get a 320 in GRE?

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test to take admission in graduate schools for masters or doctoral programs across the US and many other countries. This test was established by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching in 1936. This exam majorly checks for quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and verbal reasoning ability.

A score of 320 in GRE is considered to be good enough to make your profile look better and to get into a good graduate school. So, if you’re thinking how to achieve such good scores in GRE if you have a few months left, here are a few techniques and points that can help you score a 320 in your GRE within the practice of a few months.

The two sections of the exam that are, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and verbal reasoning have been discussed in a detailed manner mentioning all the important points to remember while preparing for each section and the resources that you can check out to look out for the material required to prepare for the exam.

Quantitative reasoning

The quantitative section of the GRE exam is an easy part only if you’re not overconfident and are able to solve the sums quickly with clarity. This section has 20 questions and you get only 35 minutes to solve this section.

This means that you should be able to solve a question in a matter of 1.75 minutes. Hence, the key to successfully solve the quantitative section of the GRE exam is the clarity of concepts and speed.

The syllabus for quantitative reasoning includes

  • Arithmetic: T&W, ratios and proportions, percentage, etc.
  • Algebra: Inequalities, modulus, linear and quadratic equations, etc.
  • Set Theory: Sets, Venn Diagram
  • Modern Math: Probability and Permutation & Combination
  • Geometry: Lines, angles, coordinate geometry, polygons, congruence, similarity, properties, etc.
  • Mensuration: CSA, volume, surface area, etc.
  • Statistics: Mean, median, mode and range
  • Data Interpretation: Bar graphs, pie charts, and line graphs.

The important topics among these are arithmetic, algebra and geometry, which require more focus while preparing.

You can look for Takshzila videos and Manhattan GRE 5 lb book to prepare for the quantitative section of the exam. These are available online, and you can check them out to look for the one that suits you the best.

The key points to remember while you’re preparing for the quantitative section of the exam is to not be overconfident. You have to prepare each topic of the section well and not leave any topic just because you feel that it will not be asked. You need to be thorough with each topic and prepare well accordingly.

Also, you will have to work on your speed of solving the questions as there will not be much time for you to think while writing the exam. You have to work on time management, speed and accuracy to ace this section of the exam.

Verbal Reasoning

The verbal reasoning section of the exam mainly comprises of text completion in which there will be fill in the blanks in which you have to choose the most appropriate word to fill it in and this part is purely based on vocabulary; sentence equivalence in which there will be a blank, and you will have to choose the correct options out of the given alternatives; and last but not the least is the reading comprehension that will have short and verbose paragraphs, and you will have to read it and then answer the given questions according to the comprehension.

The resources to prepare for this section includes Magoosh GRE Flashcards which will help you develop your vocabulary in no time; another resource is Barron’s list of 1100 words, and the pdf of this book is available online, so you can download it and start preparing for your exam right away.

The key point to remember while preparing for this section is that you will have to work on your vocabulary so that you can attempt the vocabulary question in the exam well and also you will have to work on your reading speed because you will have to read as well as answer the questions in limited time.

Analytical Writing

 The analytical writing section is regarded as the easiest section of the exam and thus is not even prepared by the majority of the students. In this section, you will need to read two essay question, first is about analyzing an issue, and the other is about analyzing an argument. The statements will be controversial, and you can pick whichever side you wish to defend and then write about it.

The resources that can help you prepare for this section includes Crunchprep Analytical Writing guide. It will make you aware of the common mistakes done by the students while writing the essays. It will also provide you with important tips to write in a better way and to score well.

This section focused on expressing your ideas through your writing so you should be able to write your ideas in a clear way, along with using good vocabulary that will impress the readers. Also, you will need to time yourself well so that you can complete your essays in time.

Mock Tests

You should practice your knowledge every day with some mock tests so that you can time yourself and also keep a record of your progress. The Official PowerPrep GRE tests and Manhattan GRE tests are a great way to test yourself and practice the full-length mock test to keep yourself on track and know your weaknesses so that you can work on them and prepare better for the exam.

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