Hope you know what vibrant Gujarat is all about

Interview Date: 27-Jan-2015
Venue: Mysore, Karnataka.

Panel: 5 interviewers.

Tell me about your family background.
What is your current job profile.
What is the salary.
Having such a good salary in hand why do you want to switch.
Imagine that your father is BBMP chief and tell what suggestions you are going to give him.
What is make in India. How will it help India.
What was vibrant Gujarat about.
Highlights of nuke deal in Obama’s visit to India.
Some general questions related to mobile technologies like GPRS, CDMA, GSM, cloud computing etc..
Kirchoff’s law!
Banking domain terminologies like ECGC, NPA, etc..
Tell me what you know about RBI
When was the first nationalization done? And for how many banks?
When was the second nationalization done?
Name all the nationalized banks originated from Karnataka.
Who prints the one rupee currency note?
Functions of RBI.
Is nationalized bank and public sector bank one and the same. If not, What is the difference between them?
What is the meaning of decrease in repo rate to a common man? Why do you think RBI lowered or last week?

Overall experience:
The interview lasted for around 15 mins for me. It varied from 5 min to 15 min across candidates. Panel was very friendly and intelligent. Performance satisfactory.

All the best to all u friends who are going to give the interview..