Hope- The best thing

There are moments in life when we feel low,

There are those who can’t even take the blow,

But, there are some who can make it flow,

With only one attribute and that is “Hope”

Hope gives you the reason to live,

Hope gives you the reason to forgive,

Hope is the thing that keeps you alive,

Hope is the reason for a being to strive

Hope makes a loser feel like a real man,

When he understands that life’s not just an empty can,

Hope is the thing that makes you smile,

Even when you can’t even stand for a while

Hope changes the attitude in your life,

Even when there is nothing but the cry for help,

When you fall down and rise again and again,

It gives you the strength to sustain the pain

There are times when you are lonely,

In the darkest hours when the fate doesn’t seem friendly,

Be your own captain and the master of your soul,

Try to make things fine when you can’t even crawl

Things would be better after some time,

Just keep up your spirits and keep moving on,

There are difficult times when you feel bad,

But always remember to rise up instead

So in the end only few lines,

Just chill out and wait for the best times,

Time will pass and your wounds would heal,

Be a man and live life with an absolute feel…