My Life’s Enigma – What now

I was in the third year of my Engineering and I was sitting in one of the boring thermodynamics class. There was something being passed in the class from one desk to another and then finally I got it. It was the CAT 2008 paper.

I got myself lost into it, I started solving the entire paper and that was the first time I decided to take CAT. In spite of talking to my girl friend for several hours a day, I could still focus on my CAT studies. I gave the exam and got 98.xx. I was extremely happy and over joyed as that was my first attempt in CAT.

In spite of getting a decent score I couldn’t get a good college. Converted IMT-G but opted not to join as I was aiming for some good IIM. Got a core job as I was a Mechanical Engineer. I couldn’t understand the basis of that job as I had never thought that I would be working in a mechanical industry having huge industrial machines everywhere, the shop floors filled with smoke and fumes produced from various types of welding processes, extremely hot atmosphere on the shop floor etc. All I wanted was a job in one of the biggest MNCs in the world where I would be sitting in AC offices, working with highly educated people and getting hefty packages.

I decided to take CAT again, couldn’t do well as I wasn’t prepared. I had a breakup and I was alone. I decided to keep myself involved in work so that I wouldn’t focus much on my breakup.She was the girl I wanted to marry later, but I was no longer with her. I decided to quit my job and switch in the services sector. I got a job in one of the IT firms and I was somewhat happy now. All I wanted now was to crack CAT. I got 95.xx this time. There was no chance of getting a call from a good college. I got a promotion in my job. I met some girls but things couldn’t go far. All I could have were some short terms relationships with some girls with whom I could talk and which lasted for about 2-3 months. I took CAT again and got 90.xx. I got a chance to talk to my ex, she said she was very happy and she had a very good man in her life.

After all these years I just think back and I feel I had everything and I lost everything. I watched “Wolf of Wall street” yesterday, and in spite of all these failures, I still want to take CAT and crack it with a bang. I am more committed than I have ever been in the past and all I want is to move on and chase my dreams.

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