Help others as in the possible ways

It was during the Winter days of Odisha. I was waiting at the railway station to board the train for Mumbai. I was at the Station at 10 pm. The train was late. The train’s expected arrival time was 4 am. I was really in trouble to spend 6 hours at railway station. I went out of the railway station and tried to pass my time. I was able to room around for only one hour out of six hours. Now I planned to get inside the station and pass my time by reading magazine. So, I purchased a magazine from the Book stall of Platform no-1 and moved on for search of a vacant seat. I was able to get a seat at the end of the platform where there was no covering. It was open to sky.

It was around 12 midnight, when a boy aged 16 came to my bench and asked “Can I sit here”. I reply “Sure”. The boy was alone with no luggage. He was in T-shirt with no winter clothing. I was surprised to see him in this condition. A question raised in my mind that as he seems to be from good family then why he is not having any winter clothing. A train arrived at platform no-1. The boy asked me that where this train will go. I saw the train name and accordingly answered him. He then kept quiet. I was very curious to know more about him. I asked him that where he is moving to. His answer was unexpected for me. His answer was “I don’t know where I will go” . This really surprised me. The conversation between me and the boy went on and on.

Me: Why is it so? How you don’t know where to go?

Boy: I have not decided till now.

Me: Are you going to relatives house?

Boy: No

Me: Are you going to friend’s house?

Boy: No

Me: What is the matter?

Boy: I just want to go away from my family.

Me: Why?

Boy: They don’t like me.

Me: Why they don’t like you?

Boy: I don’t know.

Me: Who don’t like you, Mother or Father?

Boy: My Mother is dead.

Me: And your Father?

Boy: He is good. He loves me.

Me: So, who don’t like you?

Boy: My step mother

Me: What she tells you?

Boy: She tells me to do all the Kitchen works such as washing the utensils, cleaning the floor, washing cloths, helping in making food, etc.

Me: What about your Father? Why he is not scolding your Mother?

Boy: He tried once but as a result she went to her mothers home.

Me: So, It means you don’t have any solution other than facing the situation.

Boy: Yes

Me: In which class you are studying?

Boy: I am in 10th Class.

Me: So, as you have not even completed your matriculation, it would be very tough to get a good job. As you are not so mature so, you will not be able to survive in any of the cities.

Boy: But I don’t want to be at Home by any means.

Me: You don’t have any other way.

Boy: Can I come with you? Can you provide me job?

Me: Sorry, as I am studying in College and I don’t have any contacts, whom I can ask for work. I can ask my Parents to help you.

Boy: I will be very kind of you.

Me: I think you should complete your studies and then go for job. You will get good job. At least you should complete 12th Class.

After so long conversation, it seemed that the Boy was convinced but he didn’t reply. I provided a shawl to him to protect himself from the cold weather.

Soon it was 4 am and my train arrived at the station. I was about to move into the train now. The Boy stood up and told that early morning he will surely return home. I will really at heaven at this time as because I was able to convince that Boy to go home and continue his studies.

We should always try to help any one who is in need in the possible ways as the world is Ocean.

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