8 Witless Indian beliefs that needs a break

The literacy rate in India has increased from 12% in 1931 to 75% in 2011. But how literate is a gullible person who is trapped by dogma? There are many superstitious beliefs in India which are baseless, witless and unsophisticated. Following are the top eight beliefs that should no longer be allowed to dwell in our mind.

1) Lemon-chilli

One lemon and seven chillis are wired together and hanged outside the main door (of house, shops and offices.) It is believed to bring in good luck and prosperity.Well, how this lemon-chilli combination brings prosperity is a question that will never receive an answer.

2) Saturdays are unlucky to…

i) Cutting nails on Saturday is considered unlucky. (Cutting nails after sunset is unlucky too.)

ii) Washing hair on Saturday is unlucky.

iii) Oiling hair is also Indians avoid doing on Saturday.Peepal treeWhat did poor Saturday do to receive this fate?

3) Ficus religiosa (Peepal) tree

Peepal tree is home to ghosts. One must not hover anywhere around it near midnight unless he wants to enjoy the company of evil spirits.

4) The dogma of colours

i)Married women should not wear white.

ii) Widows should not wear anything except white.

iii) Black colour should be avoided as much as possible.

5) Widows are unlucky

The most absurd of all the beliefs is this one. She is unlucky because her husband is dead. This makes no sense. They cannot wear jewelry. They cannot wear anything except white. Their sight is an inauspicious start to your work etc.

6) Black Cat

This is the most popular of all. A black cat crossing your way is a sign of a bad omen. Seriously? How will the small cat affect my success?

7) Tuesdays

i) Cutting nails is avoided on Tuesdays too. (For heavens sake tell me when it would be auspicious to exhibit an unproductive work like cutting nails? ? )

ii) If you are on a journey, you don’t want to return home on Tuesdays for it is bad luck.How did our ancestors figured this all out, I wonder.

8) Asking something to a member leaving home is unlucky

i) When a member of your family is leaving home, you are not allowed to ask him where he is going. Doing this will bring unexpected hindrance in his job. ii) You should not ask a leaving member for tea, coffee, water or any beverages or food. If you do so and the person leaves without having it, he is surely going to meet with an accident.People who established this doctrine must be very sophisticated for they found the relation between tea and accident. (:P)

When India is trying to fit in with the powerful nations, such dogma cause a hindrance. We think we have became sophisticated but we still allow superstitions to linger around us. Its time we need become less gullible.