Have tables turned in Amethi?

Yesterday, Amethi experienced 55% of voting in the General election. Its one of the 80 lok sabha constituency in UP. Rahul Gandhi has been the Member of parliament for last 10 years from Amethi. In fact, out of the 12 General Elections held from 1967 till date, INC has won in Amethi for 10 times. Say it in other words, its one of the safest seat of INC. But has Modi wave affected Amethi, the very home of Congress too?

Recently, Priyanka Gandhi asked a lady showing her the wall painted with the pic of NaMo while addressing the people in Amethi that “kaisa chehra lagta hai, daravna lagta hai na?””buland lagta hai, bhartiya lagta hai, achha lagta hai hum ko” the lady replied without even a hint of dismay turning Priyanka’s face pale. This alone shows how disappointed are the people of Amethi from INC.

After more than 60 years of Independence, forget education and medical facilities, INC has not been able to meet Amethis water, electricity and road needs. In such gloom, people of Amethi sees a ray of hope in NaMo. Recently I saw on telly, Amethi’s people complaining that Rahul, Soniya, Priyanka are the politicians we see only once in 5 years. They disappear after every election and reappear in the next election. People of Amethi have started disliking Nehru-gandhis and started liking NaMo and his development model.

BJP’s Smriti Irani and AAPs Kumar Vishwas are strong contestants, Rahul Gandhi needs to watch out for. Kumar vishwas has not moved out of Amethi in last three months and claims to know the name of sarpanch of every single village of Amethi. While he has challenged Rahul Gandhi to name the sarpanches of Amethi, NaMo has challenged the whole Nehru-Gandhi family to collectively name ten villages of Amethi. Let alone ten, I doubt they can name five.

Amethi has not seen any development under the rule of INC. INC do not have any justification for this. People are very disappointed and wants to change things for themselves. In such a situation, it is possible that Rahul Gandhi losses from Amethi and either Smriti Irani or Kumar Vishwas wins. If Rahul Gandhi wins, the only reason would be the peoples sentimental attachment with the party which is quite unlikely. But then, election in India has always been a corridor of uncertainty. Its not certain who will win. Maybe Rahul Gandhi will win or Smriti Irani or Kumar Vishwas, we wont know it until 16th May. But its certain that Amethi today is not as safe a seat it has been for INC since ages.