5 Reasons You Should Not Visit Thailand

May be Thailand is not for all. May be the exotic beaches and the mind numbing nightlife is not appealing to some folks out there. So, many people might not be able to enjoy their stay in Thailand. It might happen that they might repent going to this happening country.

So, before you embark on the journey to the Thai nation, go through the 5 points mentioned below. If you see yourself in that, you better cancel your plan

1) When random girls touch you, it makes you nervous:

It might happen to some. As soon as a girl touches them, they feel its adultery. Well, if you respond to that touch, it might lead to it. But, under most circumstances, you can let your self free from that soft grip and ask her to leave you alone. Remember to be polite here . Many times, along with girls, girl-like lady-boys will also try to grab you. Again, be polite and express your apologies for not joining them. However, if you cannot control your nervousness under such circumstances, you better skip your Thailand trip. Otherwise, you will get nervous, panic and get in trouble.

2) Your head spins while shopping:

Do you still shiver while thinking about last weekend when your girlfriend was exploring the latest Gucci collection and you fainted? If Yes is the answer, No is my suggestion for Thailand. If you hate when your better half shops, consider discontinuing your trip to Thailand. Because, she will shop and you will drop. The shopping malls are like 5 football fields stacked on top of each-other, stuffed with all possible fashion stuff. Both will lose weight, you and your wallet. Those paining shins will abuse you and not let you sleep whole night, while your girlfriend/wife will sleep with a smile on her face.

3) You love Goa beaches:

So, you have been spending your New-Years at Baga & Calangute beach every year. You are in love with these beaches even if every time you get stuck in traffic there and are disgusted with the filth. Trust me, you will stop loving Goa beaches when you hit the stunning islands of Phuket. The islands spread over the sprawling oceanic plane will keep you wondering how many islands are actually there covering up the horizon. So, if you don’t want to break-up with Goa beaches, replace your Thailand trip by Goa.

4) You are stuck in a routine job:

Executing a trip to Thailand is manageable. But, what happens after you return back is difficult to face.While exploring Thailand beaches & Islands, you will be amazed by what holds beyond Bay of Bengal. You will realize that you should explore more islands which are nestled amidst the ocean. You will start planning about New Zealand, Australia and European beaches/islands. You will check the flight tickets to these places. Then you will check when can you take leaves to fulfill your quest of exotic islands. This is when you will realize that you are stuck in a job which does not allow to become a wander-lust. This is when you will feel like quitting and telling your family about it. But, alas, you are a part of this vicious social phenomenon which has entangled you and left you only weekend windows to spin a trip to nearby hill station. So, shelve your Thailand trip if you are stuck in a routine job and not ready to compromise with limited number of leaves your boss will sanction.

5) If you can’t handle hangover:

Imagine this. After slogging your butt in office for 1 year in a row, you are finally in Thailand. You have meticulously planned this trip and invested a lot of efforts to match your friends’ schedule. Now that you guys are unchained tigers in wilderness, you will obviously get drunk in those exotic pubs featuring Asian strippers. This is perfect fun. But, if you get up the next morning and feel like lying in your comfortable hotel beds, get up and face your challenges. If you cannot handle the hangover, you will miss all the astounding beauty the island trips have to offer. So, if you want to get drunk and miss the island trips, you better cancel your Thailand trip. You might as well get drunk in your neighboring bar which will provide similar ambiance after you are 5-6 pegs down. At-least, you will be spending in the weaker currency, Indian Rupees.Did you connect with any of the above 5 points? Let me know in the comments.

This post is not to dissuade anybody. Just issued in the interest of public. You can still visit Thailand even if you agree with all the 5 points. But, please let me know how did your trip go. :Evil smile:

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