Haryana Schools remain closed on 26 December due to the Intense Cold Wave

As per the directions of the Directorate School Education, Haryana, all schools will remain closed on the 26th of December because of the intense cold wave that is currently prevalent in the region. The directive is targeted towards both private as well as government and all the schools in the state of Haryana will remain closed this Thursday.

The information was posted to the official website and schools were advised to strictly adhere to the directive. This resulted in all schools Haryana declaring a holiday on the 26th of December.

The main reason for the directive is the severe cold wave that the region is currently experiencing. The regions of Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh are currently in the grip of an intense cold wave which has resulted in the region experiencing temperatures well below the normal.

As per one official estimate, most of the areas in the region are experiencing a temperature that is 6 degrees lesser than the normal at this time of the year. This has resulted in unfriendly weather that includes cold temperatures, lower visibility due to severe fog, etc.

According to the India Meteorological Office, Chandigarh, most of the regions in both Punjab and Haryana are experiencing a thick blanket of fog in the morning that has driven down the visibility to dangerous levels. It is expected that the fog will thin a bit as the day proceeds, but the temperature forecast is quite dire. I

n Chandigarh, it is expected that the lowest temperature will be around 6.9 degrees Celsius. Things in the state of Punjab are no better with some areas experiencing temperatures as low as 6.5 to 4.6 degrees Celsius.

Finally, Haryana is experiencing the lowest temperatures of the region with temperatures as low as 4.1 degrees and even the lowest of 3.2 degrees in Narnaul.

Meteorological officials are of the opinion that the low temperatures and the harsh weather conditions are expected to continue in the region up to the 30th of December this year.

Schools to be closed in Haryana on 26th December

In the view of the low temperatures, harsh weather conditions and the near-zero visibility in Haryana on the 26th of December, the Directorate School Education directed every school, private and government to declare a holiday this Thursday. Thus, every school in Haryana will remain closed on Thursday owing to the cold wave and the low temperatures.