GRE test-taker portal experiencing difficulties

The GRE test-taker portal is transitioning to a new system, leading to inconvenience to many prospective candidates. Those who have been trying to book a test date or reschedule their dates, are unable to do so since the past one week. The portal has been down since over 7 days and is flashing error messages to those trying to access their user accounts. See image below;

The ETS website has published a notification acknowledging the technical glitch, but hasn’t given any expected time for resolution of the problem. Candidates are now worried about delay in booking a test date. Furthermore, those candidates looking to reschedule their test date may now have to attempt the test on the previously booked date, as the portal is creating difficulties in rescheduling. The only other option left with these candidates is to forfeit the test for the previously booked date and the test fees payed for the same.

PaGaLGuY is in touch with ETS and will try to update an estimated solution date for the issue as soon as possible. For further queries, candidates can leave their questions in the comments section, and we will get back with an answer soon.