Closed eyes, serenity on the face, raised hands in benediction, this is how many of us greet our morning every day, all over the world. But for whom we do that? do we really know that?Answer is no. But still we pray every day ,which shows how strong our faith is. But is it only our faith or foolishness? Devoting hours in worshiping something without knowing its proper identity, is really something that we sane people should do? It is really a big and absolutely logical question now-a day. Is really religion a way to ‘moksha’ or a path to the back hole of superstition? In the 21st century with the luminous bolt of knowledge we almost removed the darkness from all the corners of our society and our mind .scientist have all the proofs to demolish the century old establishment of superstition . All the ancient civilization has their own concept of god . But all of them suggests the same path of life. Dramatically with age every religion had become stagnant. if we analyze then we can easily found that reason behind the concept of religion is fear .At the eve of human civilization people had no clue about the reason behind natural calamities , so they started worshiping nature and though that by that way they would be spared of it. By the time as human civilization moved ahead the rituals had been changed. people christened their unknown masters and stories around them started spreading and became legend. But by the time people started using this believe as there weapon to rule .For example In Hinduism when the Brahmin community became the representatives of god and oppressed innocent people using their fear of god ,one person named ‘Chaitannya dev’ had became the salvation of the denizens and became the ‘avatar’ and that is how ‘Vainab dharma’ was introduced , The same way many religion were started popping up all over the world . So it was human who created the god, used the god ,and it was also human who save the world from god. It was human created all this. Even scientist claimed that the natural symbols that we worship, like foot prints of deities were created by aliens .Even the concept of ‘rath’ or Pegasus had come from space ships . But it’s not the end of the story. Let’s say there is no god. As of now we discover the presence of galaxy ,magnetic field ,rotation of sun etc. But who created all this? who design the complex and delicate human body? Do we have enough evidence to deny the afterlife ?this is where we have to think about the existence of an unknown power. These questions are still unanswerable . We can deny human religion. But can we deny the existence of one power that sometimes we can feel. Can we overlook the faith inside the heart of billions of people that bound them together. That may yet to be unveiled but undeniable.