A Silent Heart!

I Just don’t understand why people cant understand the language of a Heart . Why spoken words are always easily understood and trusted.

I see many Boys flirting with girls. They always praise girls in front of them. Like – The Saree looking beautiful on you, you are looking beautiful today. OMG,Your kajal just makes your eyes look perfect.

Why don’t girls see that the one who really likes it doesn’t convey it to her. People have thing in their heart which cannot be spoken by mouth, nor be listened by ears.

A heart’s language is understood by another heart in its own way.

How this world is, like let’s say, 2 boys Veer & Rishi like a girl.

Veer who doesn’t love the girl but proposes her with ‘I Love You,’ she knows he doesn’t mean it yet she would prefer this act of Veer rather than Rishi’s silence who loves her madly (She knows it too) but cant propose her, fearing lest he should lose her.

People who have love in their heart are generally not that expert to play with words which a girl can be impressed of. When they say ‘take care’ they really mean it. Not like saying ‘take care’ every time a call is ended, or a chat/sms is ended for a thousand time even when it wasn’t meant for a single time.

Recognize the language of the heart (Supported by your eyes)