1. How has been your journey in academic Industry?

This question is very close to my heart. Because I think being a teacher first of all is a privilege which not everyone has. It’s like an honour bestowed on you by God directly, everyone can’t become a teacher and if everyone becomes a teacher, they can’t become an excellent deliverer. Therefore, we have the privilege of dealing with the future of the country, the students, and we get the opportunity to transform them, show them the direction of their life, of their career and that makes this profession  very close to my heart and I feel very much honoured being part of the education industry. If every teacher understands this point, no one can stop the student’s progress, growth and development. Every teacher in its own way is contributing towards nation building by orienting the students into right direction, it is in the hands of the teacher that they motivate students to have big dreams in their life, aspire for big ambitions that ultimately contribute to the whole nation.

2. How many students enroll for course every year?

We enroll approximately 240 students each year.

3. What about the recent placement trends in GL Bajaj Institute of Management & Research

It is a pleasure to share that since inception GLBIMR is keeping a track record of 100% Placements of PGDM Batches. This year various reputed companies visited the campus for placements from various sectors like FMCG, Retail, Banking & Finance, Hospitality service sector and many more and placement was achieved 6 months before the completion of the course

4. There are so many colleges in Greater Noida, How do you manage to stay ahead of them?

We would like and try our best to see GL Bajaj among the best institutes in North India in the coming 10 years after elite institutions like IIM, MDI, IMT Ghaziabad, FMS. We have kept these institutions as our benchmarks, so that we can extract best practices form these institutions and can implement them and do a better job. So we’re already on the road of achieving excellence. For example –  we have already collaborated with the global faculty members for the current academic session in which faculty from France, Dr Alain Boge, is going to come to India from 5th September onwards, he’ll be taking International Business, a 30 hours module for our students of first years. Similarly we have roped in Director of Morgan Franklin Consulting (Washington D.C. USA), Mr. Ashish Patel, who has been former VP of Bank of America, to take up the subject of Strategic Management, again in the month of September. They’ll be taking full 30 hours module of the subject with us. We have given these two subjects to them because these two subjects are very crucial for the foundation of the students.

We have recently signed a MoU with Mersion under which the students will get an opportunity to study abroad during their summer break in universities like University of California, Imperial College, London etc. Also, we’ve tied up with faculty members from NITs, IITs, who will be taking up full 30 hours module of different subjects. Therefore, we’re doing every possible thing to give our students best of the management knowledge from around the industry . These efforts keep us ahead of other Institutes.

5. What are the short term goals of GL Bajaj Institute of Management & Research? Have there been any challenges in fulfilling these goals?

GLBIMR, Greater Noida in its continuous endeavour to upgrade its benchmarks, as a short term goal we are keen on recruiting Faculty and Non-Teaching Staff in various positions from Pan India. We’re trying to identify good people from the market, the experienced people who have proven track record in research, consultancy, conducting MDPs, and have their own flair which is research oriented. That is what is really required and our focus is surely on the faculty members who are giving very different sort of innovative pedagogy. In continuation with this we have recently added Dr. Kirti Dutta as Dean to G. L. Bajaj Family. She has an experience of twenty three years in industry and academia and has a proven record in research and has published text-books with Oxford University Press. Our constant focus is on building GLBIMR brand by upgrading infrastructural facilities. Improving infrastructure will subsequently contribute towards distinguishing GLBIMR as state of the art campus and we plan to add two new ultramodern auditoriums in coming years. 

6. Any message to B-school aspirants?

 I will urge all B-School aspirants to always remember 3P’s which I have strongly relied upon These are- Pride, Power of Dreams and Perseverance. To scale new heights in your career, you need to have pride in your roots, family, society and above all your country. Dreaming big is essential to grow and spread your wings higher. I have been fortunate that I got opportunity to listen to great statesman Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam thrice. In one of such occasions, I got opportunity to ask him the question, that how to motivate youngsters of today? To which, he replied – “Small Ambition is a Crime” and added that teachers of our country have the responsibility to make students to dream big. There is a huge power in dreaming big. Realize that!! And finally, third P, Perseverance must become a habit, as without persistent efforts nothing is achievable. We need to ignite that passion and refuel it again and again till all our dreams are not fulfilled.

The 2-year flagship program of GLBIMR,
Greater Noida has been designed to enhance the overall learning of the students
and cater to the requirements of the industry. The curriculum is revised each
year; includes the participation of industry stakeholders, alumni, academicians
and experts to bring the course curriculum closer to the industry needs and

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