Goa Institute of Management Placements 2023: Highest Package, Average Package, Top Companies


Goa Institute of Management (GIM), one of India’s premier B-Schools, has accomplished a remarkable feat in 2023 by achieving 100% placements for its PGDM and Big Data Analytics programmes, boasting record-breaking salary packages. Students are rejoicing as they secure enticing opportunities with industry giants like Microsoft, Bain & Co, Reliance Industries, CRIF, and D E Shaw. The flagship PGDM programme has witnessed a substantial 20% increase in its average CTC, while PGDM Big Data Analytics and PGDM Health Care Management programmes have also achieved full placements. GIM’s continued commitment to delivering top-tier education and career prospects stands as a shining example in the world of management education.

GIM Goa Placement 2023: Key Highlights Regarding the Highest and Average Package in LPA

  • 100% placements achieved in 2023 for PGDM, PGDM BDA, PGDM BIFS, and PGDM HCM programmes

  • PGDM placement batch 2021-23 saw a 20% increase in the average salary

  • PGDM BFS 2021-23 batch received an impressive salary of Rs. 27 LPA

  • The average salary offered for 2023 reached Rs. 14.3 LPA

  • Highest domestic salary for PGDM reached Rs. 55 LPA

  • Highest international package for PGDM Healthcare reached Rs. 60.4 LPA

  • Top recruiters included Microsoft, Shalina Healthcare, Bain & Co, Reliance Industries, CRIF, D E Shaw, and Johnson & Johnson

  • New recruiters like Amazon, HDFC, Flipkart, CRIF, Lowe’s Inc., and the Trident Group were added to the list.

GIM Placements 2023 – Average Package 2023

Here’s a summary of Goa Institute of Management’s average and highest package offerings over the past three years:

  • In 2023, the highest package ( international) reached INR 60.4 LPA and the highest domestic package was offered at 55 LPA, while the average package was INR 14.87 LPA.

  • In 2022, the highest package was INR 27.83 LPA, with an average package of INR 12.14 LPA.

  • In 2021, the highest package stood at INR 25.6 LPA, while the average package was INR 10.71 LPA.

 Goa Institute of Management Placements 2023: Top Recruiters

Goa Institute of Management (GIM) in Goa boasts an impressive lineup of top recruiters in their placement programme. These esteemed companies actively participate in GIM Goa’s placement drives, offering promising opportunities to the students. Some of the established recruiters that have been consistently associated with GIM Goa include:

  1. CRIF

  2. Optum

  3. HSBC Bank

  4. Accenture AI

  5. Tata Capital

  6. Microsoft

  7. Shalina Healthcare

  8. Bain & Co

  9. Reliance Industries

  10. D E Shaw

  11. Johnson & Johnson

These companies have a history of recruiting talented professionals from GIM Goa, making them sought-after employers for the institution’s graduates.

Furthermore, GIM Goa has also welcomed new recruiters, expanding the scope of opportunities for its students. These recent additions to the list of recruiters include:

  1. Amazon

  2. HDFC

  3. Flipkart

  4. CRIF (reiterated for emphasis)

  5. Lowe’s Inc.

  6. The Trident Group

The inclusion of these new companies reflects the growing reputation and network of GIM Goa, providing its students with diverse career prospects across various industries.

GIM Goa PGDM Placements 2023 Sector-Wise Analysis

At Goa Institute of Management, the ITES/Operations sector reached a milestone with the highest package of INR 55 LPA, a remarkable offer presented by Microsoft. Impressively, over 60 recruiters actively participated in the placement process at the institute.

The table below provides a sector-wise breakdown and analysis for the 2023 batch at Goa Institute of Management:


Range of CTC


12 – 26


11 – 24

Human Resource

11 – 12

ITES / Operations

10 – 55


19 – 22

Consumer Durables

13 – 17


14 – 18

GIM Goa PGDM-BFSI Sector Placements 2023

The distinguished PGDM-BIFS batch at GIM Goa consisted of a total of 57 students, showcasing a diverse and vibrant composition. Among this group, 40% were female students, while the remaining 60% were male students. This gender diversity enriched the academic environment at GIM Goa.

The PGDM-BIFS batch at GIM Goa achieved remarkable placements across a wide spectrum of prestigious sectors. These sectors included Financial Services, Banking, Credit Rating, Consulting, Insurance, Healthcare, and Audit, reflecting the versatility and competence of the students.

What’s notable about this batch is the varied academic backgrounds from which the participating students hailed. A breakdown reveals that 43% of students had a foundation in Commerce, 38% in Engineering, 9% in Management, 7% in Arts, 2% in Journalism, and 2% in Basic Science. This diversity of academic backgrounds not only added to the richness of the learning experience but also ensured a multifaceted perspective in addressing the challenges posed by different sectors.

GIM Goa PGDM-HCM Placements 2023

In the 2023 placements for the esteemed PGDM-HCM programme at GIM Goa, the student cohort exhibited a wide range of on-field work experience. This diversity in professional backgrounds and experience levels contributed to the programme’s dynamism.

Notably, a substantial portion of the students, comprising 45%, were freshers, indicating that they were recent graduates entering the workforce. Following closely behind, 29% of the students brought valuable work experience ranging from 1 to 3 years, showcasing their intermediate expertise. An additional 20% had expertise gained within the span of 0 to 1 year, indicating a mix of fresh talent and those with a bit of experience. Furthermore, over 6% of students displayed commendable proficiency acquired over 4 years of professional engagement, signifying a group with substantial experience.

The gender distribution within the PGDM-HCM programme was diverse, with 68% of the students being females and 32% being males. This gender balance is a positive reflection of the inclusive learning environment at GIM Goa.

The opportunities presented to PGDM-HCM students spanned various sectors, providing them with a broad spectrum of career choices. Notably, the consulting sector saw the majority of placements, accounting for 23% of the placements. It was closely followed by Health-Tech (22%), Med-Device (18%), Health-IT (16%), Pharmaceuticals (14%), and Healthcare Analytics (7%). These placements in diverse sectors underscored the programme’s ability to prepare students for a range of roles within the healthcare and related industries.

GIM Goa PGDM Placements 2023

Here are the highlights of the PGDM sector report for the GIM 2023 placements.



Placement Percentage 


Total Batch Size


Highest Domestic Package


Average Package

INR 14.87 LPA

Median Package

INR 14.7 LPA

Top Recruiters 

ABInBev, Johnson & Johnson, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Optum, Asian Paints, etc.

GIM Goa PGDM-BDA Placements 2023

GIM Goa’s placement programme in 2023 was marked by the participation of 102 students, comprising 77 males and 25 females. This gender distribution underlines the institute’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

A noteworthy aspect of this placement drive was the presence of 37 esteemed recruiting companies, reflecting the strong industry connections and opportunities GIM Goa offers to its students.

The students who took part in the placement process came with a diverse range of work experiences and academic backgrounds, contributing to the programme’s overall richness. Over 75% of the students had their academic roots in engineering, showcasing a strong technical foundation. Following closely, 13% of students hailed from science backgrounds, while 5% and 2% had backgrounds in commerce and management and arts, respectively. This mix of academic backgrounds ensures a well-rounded cohort of students ready to take on various challenges in their chosen career paths.

Placement Reviews: What students say about GIM – Goa Institute of Management


GIM GOA PGDM Summer Internship 2023

The PGDM summer internship programme at GIM Goa in 2023 showcased impressive summer placement statistics for GIM PGDM students batch 2023-25. The average stipend offered for participants was INR 83,000, with a median stipend of INR 70,000. The highest stipend offered reached an impressive INR 3,00,000. In the realm of PGDM-BDA summer internships in 2023, GIM Goa hosted 119 students who all secured placements with 37 companies like EY, HCL , Axis Bank among others. The average stipend for PGDM-BDA internships was INR 48,000, with the highest stipend hitting INR 1,20,000.

Furthermore, the GIM Goa PGDM summer internship programme attracted 242 students, with 54% of them coming from an engineering background. The remaining enrollment comprised students from various academic backgrounds, including Commerce (17%), Management (12%), Art & Law (9%), and Science (8%)

GIM Goa PGDM-HCM Summer Internships 2023

In the summer of 2023, GIM Goa’s PGDM-HCM internships showcased the following stipends:

  • The highest stipend reached a remarkable INR 3,00,000
  • The average stipend stood at INR 81,765
  • GIM Goa PGDM-HCM placements introduced notable first-time recruiters, including BSV, Medika Bazaar, KPMG, Bain and Company, Able Mind, Shalina Healthcare, Philips, Startmed, and various other esteemed organisations.

GIM Goa PGDM-BDA Summer Internships 2023

During the PGDM-BDA summer internships at GIM Goa, 119 students took part, and all of them secured placements in 37 prestigious companies. For an overview of the stipend details associated with GIM Goa’s PGDM-BDA programme, prospective candidates should review the following:

GIM Goa Placement: Stipend Information

  • Highest Stipend: INR 1,20,000
  • Average Stipend: INR 48,000
  • Median Stipend: INR 45,000
  • Prominent organisations such as Flipkart, Asian Paints, Abp, Titan, HDFC Bank, Mahindra, Prodapt, Marsh, and several more were among the top recruiters for GIM Goa’s PGDM-BDA summer internships.

GIM Goa PGDM-BIFS Summer Internships 2023

In the summer of 2023, GIM Goa PGDM-BIFS internships engaged a dynamic group of 60 students representing diverse academic backgrounds. Among them, 37% had a strong foundation in Commerce, while Engineering (27%), Arts (8%), Basic Science (10%), and Management (18%) were also well-represented. This batch boasted a gender diversity of 47% females and 53% males.

Stipend Details for Summer Internships

  • Highest Stipend: INR 75,000
  • Median Stipend: INR 35,000
  • Average Stipend: INR 38,489
  • Top 10% Students: INR 65,000
  • Top 20% Students: INR 62,500
  • Top 50% Students: INR 49,000

Goa Institute of Management Placements FAQs

Q: Does GIM have 100 percent placement?

A: In the 2023 placement season, Goa Institute of Management achieved a remarkable 100% placement rate across all its academic programmes.

Q: What’s the top salary package offered at GIM?

A: The most lucrative international package awarded at the Goa Institute of Management reached INR 60.4 lakhs per annum, while the highest domestic package was INR 55 lakhs per annum.

Q: What is the average package for students at Goa Institute of Management pursuing the BDA programme?

A: For students enrolled in the BDA programme at Goa Institute of Management, the average package during the 2023 placement season was INR 17.2 lakhs per annum.

Q: Among all the programmes at Goa Institute of Management, which one boasts the highest average package?

A: The PGDM-BDA programme emerged as the leader in terms of the average package during the 2023 placement season, with an impressive INR 17.2 lakhs per annum.

Q: Which programme at Goa Institute of Management had the highest median package?

A: The PGDM-BDA and PGDM-BIFS programmes at Goa Institute of Management both achieved the highest median package during the 2023 placement season, which was INR 15 lakhs per annum.

Q: What is the highest package in GIM 2023?

A: According to the 2023 Placement Report of Goa Institute of Management, the top international highest salary package stands at Rs 60.40 LPA, while the domestic salary package reaches Rs 55 LPA. Notably, 16% of students secured Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) during this placement session.

Q: What is the highest and average salary offered at GIM Goa placement 2023? 

A: In the final placement report for PGDM at GIM Goa in 2023, the highest package reached INR 60.4 LPA, while the average package was INR 14.87 LPA.

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