There is a significant restructuring of industries, be it the financial services, automation, pharmaceuticals, publishing or entertainment. Part of it is caused by the current financial crisis but the trends are as much driven by long term and enduring changes in technology, consumer expectations and globalization. Does the Indian industry have the unique opportunity to reposition itself in this process of global change? What are the advantages that the Indian industry can leverage? How will this transform emerging Indian multinationals and what impact will it have on western multinationals? Dr CK Prahalad threw light on some of the aspects during the hour long lecture.

Said, Dr CK Prahalad, during his session aIndia has a clear advantage over other countries and can actively shape emerging world order through its economic strength, technological vitality and moral leadership.a Rather than take an introspective look at what the country has achieved at 60 years of independence, Dr CK Prahalad urged people to imagine an aIndia at 75a and work diligently towards it. By the year 2022 India can emerge as a leader in industry and commerce, if it is able to capitalize on its advantages. Elaborating on a successful business model for the country, he explains that the ideal circumstance for a successful entrepreneurial venture is one which is alow on resources and high on aspirationsa. India needs to find that balance by investing in its people and raising aspirations.

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