General Knowledge Quiz

Dear PaGaLGuy readers, as we all know General Knowledge is an important component of a number of competitive examinations such as the UPSC Civil Services Examination, Banking Entrance Examinations, SSC CGL/CHSL Examinations, MBA Entrance Examinations, Combined Defence Service Examination, etc. In order to help you practise and improve your General Knowledge, we hereby present this General Knowledge quiz.

Given below are a few questions from the actual General Studies paper of the UPSC Civil Services Examinations between 1995 and 2010. Leave your answers/ responses in the comments section below and soon we’ll let you know the correct answers!

1. A person with AB blood group is sometimes called a universal recipient because of the

(a) Lack of antigen in his blood

(b)Lack of antibodies in his blood

(c) Lack of both antigens and antibodies in his blood

(d) Presence of antibodies in his blood

2. Match List I to List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:

               List I                      List II

  1. Malaria               1. Bone Marrow
  2. Filaria                 2. Brain
  3. Encephalitis      3. Muscle
  4. Leukaemia        4. Lymph nodes                                                                                       5. Blood cells

Codes: A B C D

(a)         5 3 2 1

(b)         5 4 2 1

(c)         4 3 5 1

(d)         5 4 1 2

3. Who among the following shall cause every recommendation made by the Finance Commission to be laid before each house of Parliament?

(a) The President of India

(b)The Speaker of Lok Sabha

(c) The Prime Minister of India

(d) The union Finance Minister

4. When you travel in certain parts of India, you will notice red soil. What is the main reason for this colour?

(a) Abundance of Magnesium

(b) Accumulated Humus

(c) Presence of ferric oxides

(d) Abundance of phosphates

5. With which of the following movements is the slogan “Do or die” associated?

(a) Swadeshi Movement

(b) Non- cooperation Movement

(c) Civil Disobedience Movement

(d) Quit India Movement

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