What’s ROI for this one?


Return on investment ( Consider that if you
are not really bad in communication skills/knowledge gained in MBA/luck, then
you will land up a job greater than 5.5lpa, so in 1.5 years, the amount invested
in MBA will reach break-even )

Conferences and seminars ( There are at least
3 national conferences conducted each year at LBSIM, finance, marketing and
HR. Because the college is linked to Shastri Ji, there are a lot of events
like Lalita  Shastri Memorial Seminar,
Lal Bahadur Shastri Award of Excellence lecture etc where big shots come to
give lectures )

Compared to the nearest competitor of Delhi and
college in Manipal especially, the burden on students is really less, one
might struggle through the first trimester and the placement time, rest is
chilled out.

For finance, the college is above the nearest
competitor of Delhi (you need to verify), at par with nearest competitor in
marketing (you need to verify), below the nearest competitor in IT (don’t
verify, we know that), at par/above with nearest competitor in HR ( at least
at par it is in 2015 )

. Freshers, don’t think twice and join LBSIM if
money is of concern and the only convert is the closest competitor aka Hauz
Khas college!

Cons of LBSIM

. The brand ‘LBSIM’ is below many. Main reason
being, too much reliance on Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji’s name and very less on
advertisements. Be ready to listen to these questions – LBSIM? Which college
is this? Is it through CAT?

Faculty of Operations is bad, for finance –
time pass, for marketing & HR – decent. The faculty which is really good
is taken away by colleges with more money.

Some management level politics is there
because of which many students get frustrated because those people lead the
major student bodies. There is some new hope because of the new director –
Dr. Arya Kumar, from BITS Pilani – doesn’t seem corrupt and is really
motivated now. If he is able to uplift the college even after the politics in
the system, it will be a great scenario for LBSIM.

Please note that the packages i.e. CTC include
retention bonus, joining bonus, variable pay etc. (This is valid for all the
b-schools in India) Decrease around a lac from the average package and you
will be close to the reality. Around 35+ students with packages >=8lpa
(Deloitte, Wipro, EY, BMR Advisory, Vedanta, D E Shaw, Varun Beverages, New Gen,
Asian Paints) , highest being 12 something lpa of AP, lowest around 4lpa (not
sure about the company)

Best option for freshers, not so good option
for laterals if not eyeing on finance.

Corporate sponsored students are there in the
college aka Management quota students ( Other competitors are not so verbal
about this, but we assume there will be at least some )

The Alumni have reached heights but only few
are supportive towards the college ( first reason is that the Alumni Cell and
Placement Cell has friction each year because of which the alumni are not
tapped properly, second reason being that the alumni do not want to be
connected to LBSIM because of bad experience faced in the past )

It is not a residential campus – the crucial
part of the MBA experience.