GD/PI | You spoke in GD about reservation. Is it good or bad?

MDI Interview Mumbai Panel 4 (23rd March)

CAT 99.50, 93/85/79 GEM 16 months

WAT GD topic: Should funds be diverted towards primary and secondary education rather than opening new IITs and IIMs?

Not satisfied with my wat. GD was ok but spoke less.

PI: 2 panelists one male and 1 female. I was the 2nd last candidate. Interview lasted for 5 min.

M: what is this Vnit? Is it vit branch?

Me: No sir. It is NIT Nagpur aka Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur.

M: Tell me about your work?


M: what is ISO?

Me: I dealt with maintenance not quality.

F: Who was Deming?

Me: idk (they were not happy)

F: Why did you switch your job? Why leave Reliance?

F: Is reliance an ethical company?

Me: KgD6 no. Digital India yes

F: What loophole did JIO use?

Me: They are in the beta testing phase (idk if it is correct)

F: about B R Ambedkar?

Me: Father of constitution, upliftment of lower castes. Buddhism

F: why was he chose to draft the constitution?

Me: Spoke about his qualifications. They were not satisfied.

F: You spoke in gd about reservation. Is it good or bad?

Me: It is a good policy but it is working against itself. 2 generations need reservation to enter the creamy layer, after this, they take advantage of reservation thus depriving those who actually need it.

F: So you are saying that it should be done away with for a family if it has enjoyed it for 2 generations?

Me: There is a social stigma associated with castes. The third generation will be born in good conditions, parents working in public sector or graduated from premier institutes who are very well capable to spend money on the education of their children. Reservation is a bonus for them which will propel them out of this stigma. But I would not support its continuation after the third generation for those who have availed it for 3 generations.

F: percentile and calls

Me: K,I,S

F: L kyu nai aaya? acads kharab honge (M started checking my form) hmmm.. you can leave now.