GD/PI | So, Tell Us Who Is The Bad Guy Among Us?

XLRI BM Interview Date 12/03/2017 10th/12th =82/80 Work Ex 2.5 years (Business Analyst)

XAT 97.3 Essay: Average

GD: Wars are an extension of conflicts within. GD was good, spoke about the reasons for war (Ideological, territorial, hidden political agenda). Extended the discussion by stating the impacts of war (keeping people, country, government, economy and others as stakeholders) and how to bridge the gap (present organizations and other possible solutions). Other people also brought some good points by putting real life examples.

After the HR debacle two days back, here comes BM P.I

Was the last one in the group to be interviewed and came to know that people were mostly grilled on acads and work ex

P1, P2 P3

P3 – So based on what others must have told you, tell us amongst us who is asking acads, who is asking work ex and who is asking other current affairs

Me: Told

P1 – So, tell us who is the bad guy among us?

Me: Didn’t know whether I was even supposed to answer that or not. Anyways, simply smiled. P1 said obviously you would not say. All laughing

P3 – Ok, you seem to have a lot of interest in economic policies (My video topic). Why don’t you tell us what you know

Me – Explained why India had a socialist model right after independence, what policies were followed during the pre-liberalization era, what happened exactly in 1991 that forced India to undergo economic reform change, positive and negative impacts of liberalization and the areas where we still need to improve (went on for like 5-6 minutes, they did not interrupt me even once as probably I was the last one in the panel)

P3 – Ok

P3 – Where do you work? Explain your job profile

Me – Explained him everything in detail (client, work, deliverable, work model and all other things). Went on for like 4-5 minutes

P3 – What is your specific role

Me – Explained. I used ‘We’ 2-3 times while answering for which he interrupted me and said, tell us your specific role and not your team’s role. Went on for 2-3 minutes

P3 – What does your deliverable contain? Explain me in detail

Me – Explained (To my surprise, he knew everything in and out).

I think P3 was done with me in around 15 -17 minutes

Now, P1 takes it over

P1 – Define ‘Information’

Me – ‘Fact’ or ‘whereabouts’ of a particular thing

P1 – Grilled a little

P1 – Define ‘Information Technology’

Me – did not give a satisfactory answer. Again grilled a little

P1- Do you anything known as Meslow?

Me -Sir, it represents basic human needs. It’s a pyramid with either 5 or 6 layers (Not sure about the exact number of layers)

P1 – Tell us 5 organizations which provide Cloud Computing services

Me – Could answer only 3 (Am I even an I.T engineer? :P). A sweet discussion for like 2-3 minutes

P3 – How was the HR interview?

Me – Sir, not good

P1 – Looked at P3 in surprise and said, ohh, his HR interview did not go well

P3 -Why did that happen?

Me -Sir, I was not able to answer the questions well during the first 10 minutes of discussion and hence could not drive the interview well.

Smiles all around

P1 -Which other calls do you have?

Me -Sir, only XL

P1 – Shocked. What? You don’t have any other calls

P3 – Tell us something about yourself that you would want to tell us

Me – told them how my strategies have not worked well in the past 10 years and how I panic which leads to performance issues. Apart from that, told them about my hobbies, what all I have learned after coming to Bangalore, interacting with people, learning from various experiences

P3 – We have judged you from all possible areas. Are you satisfied with the interview?

Me – Sir, I am totally satisfied

P3 – Ok then

Me – Thanks a lot sir

P1 -All the best (Don’t know whether it’s a good sign)

Smiles all around

Entire process took a little over 30 minutes (In my panel, out of 9 only 4 had more than 30 minutes discussion. Rest it was close to 20-22 minutes)

My only concern is low XAT score -97.3 which might possibly play a spoilsport. I hope things fall in place ?

Suggestions – Exactly opposite happened with me in HR interview, where in others had a casual conversation but I was screwed badly. Here, others were mostly grilled and few even had stress interviews. Apart from this, based on what I came to know from people who had their interviews before me, they emphasize a lot on acads (even people with more than 2.5 year work ex had more than 40-50% of their interviews on acads). Rest nothing much. All the best to all ?