GD/PI | How Can We Measure Inequality of Marks?

XLRI BM interview experience.



GD- the only way to remove inequality is by making the poor rich and the rich poor?

Figured in all the arguments for and against. Brought in all the conditions. Couldn’t rank. Felt I contributed heavily by structuring the GD, pitching in points about communism, fair playing field, discredit to the hard working rich, philanthropy through both the sides(forced and natural),empathy/to understand the struggle of the other person(why Donald trump was not just racism but also a feeling of being left out). Naturally, I felt I did well in GD. PI was extreme stress of 30-35 minutes.  I don’t remember all the questions but will give a rough idea.

Q1 NEWSPAPER you read? Editor? The company which owns.

A1 Indian express. Raj Kamal Jha. Goenka group (was not sure of the exact name).

Q2 views on UP elections?

A2 was prepared so answered thoroughly but mentioned caste based politics as a factor.

Q3 Write down the distribution of different castes in UP?

A3 not answered. You read the paper, how are you not sure about the numbers.

Q4 States formed from UP?

A4 Uttrakhand

Q5 From Bihar?

A5 Jharkhand

Q6 Chhattisgarh?

A6 Didn’t remember that it was from MP but knew the year.

Q7 Parties in ANDHRA Pradesh and Telangana (had absolutely forgotten about this. In all honesty I read the paper but this happened long time ago, so had hazy memory)?Also why was Telangana formed?

A7 Telugu desam party and congress( not sure which congress). Answered the next part.

Q8 Leaders?

A8 KCR and YSR Reddy (yes, I brought a dead man alive) . But I remembered it was Chandrababu Naidu after the interviewer said the word. Didn’t expect but happens ( they started laughing, too. They were doing that all the time but been there, faced that)

Q9 symbol of BSP?

A9 told

So, more or less this was the GK part. The communism and utopia all down the drain, since I got confused between YSR and Chandrababu Naidu.

A third panelist asked me something related to how we can measure inequality. I said by making a reference level. Then he took my mark sheet and how can we measure inequality of marks. I replied it can be based on each subject, as well as in total (our gd had the income inequality factor, too). This third paneslist was asking random questions from everyone. I was asked about other career plans and my calls. Advised me on taking up a job and trying again (Bahut jagah bol dia ek jaghan to select bhi kur lia).

So this was my story. An excellent GD but a poor PI. Low xat percentile. Tried my best, made a couple of gaffes (would have not committed had it not been an interview that too an xlri- stress). Will get rejected straight away.  Whatever you feel do share

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