GD/PI | Why Should We Select You?

(For next year candidates..bahut garmi hota hai, nahi padh paogey)

The process took place at IIT M and was supposed to start at 8:30 but nothing of note was initiated before 9:15.

1 hour session trying to market IIT M.

Moving on, the process was a two-step process consisting of a GD and a personal interview.

GD: The GD was more a task where we had to come up with a conclusion (necessarily).

Topic: Given the Maggi noddle incident, should brand endorsers be held responsible for their actions?

This was easily my best performance in a group task this season. Was able to contribute in tangible ways, brought real life examples at multiple times and concluded the task. (I would like to mention that a certification I did in marketing really helped me)

PS: the performance is subjective and the panelists can very well disagree with me.

PI: Two females.1 and 2.

1: So where are you from?

M: Patna, Bihar

1: What field did you do your graduation?

M: Engineering

1: looks at 2 and passes a smile

1: Job profile and stream?

M: CSE, Software engineer

1: 2 mam aap heen lo, laughing.

2: Whats your favorite subject?

M: Data structures.

2: define

M: told

2: name a few

M: told

2: favorite

M: Linked list but current profile use array frequently.

2: Types of sorting

M: told (fumbled once and explained binary search but recovered and explained the sorting process)

2: Sort an array

M: wrote down the algo and sorted the array.

2: How do you decide which sorting to use for this problem.

M: Considering complexity, size of input etc

2: What is complexity?

M: told

1: Why should we select you, tell about two incidents your managerial skills were on display in your work profile.

M: told, convinced. (In my mind, because I will be the highest percentiler to study at IIT M in the last 4 years)

1: why MBA

M: told

1: apart from job what do you do, what do you bring?

M: Told how I am putting my time to good use, about the certification I did from UBC (Partner school of IIT M for student exchange) and how in the GD I brought lot of real time examples and quality to the discussion. Convinced.

1: Anything else, are you aware of recent happenings?

M: Yes, I am informed about all current happenings.

1: Views on trump.

M: Must be applauded, doing his best to fulfil all the promises he made during his campaign.

1: You blog, are your views this aggressive there as well.

M: No, there I try to bring a more detailed and holistic view of things.

Student comes in and asks to finish fast.

2: Asked about my certification and whether it is paid.

M: Replied

1: Why marks are low in grad?

M: Marks are not bad, my university anything around 70 is gold. However, there was room to improve and I could have done better. Will try to focus more on academics.

1: I would love to talk more, but they are asking to finish fast, so thank you.

M: No problems, hopefully we can talk a lot more in the class. Sheepish smile.

PS: CAT: 99.71

10th: 93 12th: 72 Grad: 69 Work ex: 18 months