GD/PI | Why don’t your College Students attend Classes?

Acads: 86/96/79.1

Percentile: 99.883

GK Percentile: 75

Work ex: 27 months, Analytics

Interview time: 30 min

Venue: Bangalore

GD: Is world ready for third world war?

Q: How is NIT Bhopal?

A: Good College: P

Q: Why didn’t u write MANIT?

Q: Whose portraits do you find in the main entrance?

A: One is Maulana azad and I don’t know the other one

Q: Who is the chairman?

A: AK Singh

Is AK Singh from military?

Q: Who taught you entrepreneurship? Is it Priyanka?

A: Don’t know

Q: Have you attended the class?

Q: Ever been to VIP Guesthouse in college?

A: No

Q: Why don’t your college students attend classes?

Q: You worked on CRM?

A: Yes, Explained

Q: How do you do segmentation?

A:  Explained

Q: Do a segmentation for XLRI?


Q: What does XLRI do?

A: (Couldn’t think of any answer)

Q: Do the segmentation in the same way you do in work

A: Took some basic parameters like XAT score, GD score, and Prior work ex and divided into various segments like marketing, finance, consulting

Q: Does it work?

A: No, It doesn’t as they are categorical variables

Q: What were your assumptions and how you did the segmentation in the work?

Q: What is electronics?

A: consist of devices which control flow of electrons (Asked same questions Repeated 3-4 times)

Q: Is torch light an electronic device?

Q: What is communication?

A: subject which involves the message transfer b/w 2 devices

Q: Does mobile cover come under communication

Q: What is engineering?

Q: What is difference b/w PNP and NPN?

Told only 1 diff

Q: What is noise?

A:  Anything other than desired signal

Q: Like what you are saying?  Why don’t you think before answering?

Q: What is CDMA?

Q: Advantages of CDMA over others?

Q: What is Economics?

A: (Out of the blue, blurted out nonsense): Field which involves transaction between 2 parties. (All 3 of them started laughing. Mocked this answer for 5 min)

Q: What did you study in Industrial Economics?

A: Taylor’s theorem of scientific management

Q: Anything else? Full name of Taylor?

A: W.H Taylor (All 3 of them started mocking me)

Q: Types of sampling methods?

A: Don’t know

Q: Who is Maulana Azad?

A: First education minister, Birthday celebrated as National education day, Won Nobel prize ( :D)

Q: Noble Prize?

A: Sorry sir, Bharat Ratna

Q: When is birthday of Maulana Azad?

A: Don’t know

Q: Isn’t he a freedom fighter?

A: yes, forgot to mention that