GD/PI | What Do You Think Should Be Profit Margin Of Jio?

17th March, BM, Mumbai, afternoon slot 3 panelists, 1 lady

Xat – 99.928 Gk – 82 Essay – 2/5 Acads – 95/82/7.35

Work ex – 8 months in RIL, chemical engineer

Gd topic – No matter what economic reasons are given, the sole aim is to gain power Gd was Okayish. Lot of deviation from topic. I started (since no one was starting waited for 10 sec) , then went silent for 10 mins and then chipped in 2-3 times. Performance – 4/10

My slot was changed from 15th to 19th to 17th March by xlri. I was last in my panel since I was rescheduled candidate.


Q – Why change of slot?

Me – explained

Q – Which IIM calls do you have?

Me-only IIM Shillong

Q – You graduated from ICT, right ie UDCT? Me – Yes, you are right

Q – What does your father do?

Me – Told

Q – Ok then.. What do you want to become after doing management?

Me – told want to lead an multinational organization (long term goal) and need an MBA to first gain requisite skills and knowledge. Told what xlri would provide and something more along that lines. Was a generic answer

Q – Explain your work in ril?

Me- explained. Went for around 10 min

Q- You are chemical engineer.. So tell me what auto ignition temperature is. Explain me in layman terms what would happen when naphtha auto ignites.

Me- explained

Q – Let me give you an hypothetical scenario. Suppose I say that 50% ppl coming for interviews are from RIL and TCS, what can be the reasons for this?.

Me – Gave 4 reasons 1. They are mass recruiter. Since lot of just graduated employees compared to other companies, their proportion would be higher. 2. Stagnant growth. Jump in career so mba 3. Exploring new opportunities. Mismatch between their work they are doing and what they actually wish to do 4. Peer pressure. Seeing lot of their friends going for mba, they too try for it. This discussion too was quite long. 5 min around.. In between I said ril doesn’t hire from IT or comp science from the colleges

Q – Why don’t they hire from IT or CS? Me – Not their main area.. They are into petrochemicals, refinery, telecom and retail. So they don’t hire from cs or IT colleges. I think they hire CS and IT ppl who already have work ex.

Q – Speaking about telecom, Reliance launched Jio. Suppose you are a critic. Criticize jio.

Me – network problems, slower Internet in many places. Free services went on for 6 months instead of 3. Not good thing for competitors. Main thing I see is that it is trying to create a monopoly in the market. If it succeeds, let’s say in 2-3 years, then it will have major market share and they would be free to increase prices since there would be no competition and it may do so for gaining more profits.

Q – What would you advice to jio then?

Me – Improve your services first. Stick to what you have said ie provide good services in whole country including very rural areas. Don’t go for high profit making once market share increases a lot. Profit margins should not be too high

Q – What do you think should be profit margin of jio?

Me – depends on initial investment and time to recover that. Generally 20-30% would be decent profit margin

Q – What is payback period? How to calculate that? What are fixed and variable charges in this case?

Me – explained and told payback should be around 5-10 years.

Then comes the problem

Q – You started Gd but lost steam after that. What was the problem?

Me – deviation from the topic.. Tried once to bring it back but couldn’t

Q – So if don’t like something, do you boycott it in real life too? Did your coaching institute say that boycott the gd if you don’t like it? They tried to stress me.

Me – said no.. Can give you real life examples too.. Today I couldn’t drive the gd.. I could have done better today.

Q – Did the same thing happen in hrm gd too? Are you like that only?

Me – no.. Hrm gd was good. Was productive and I did well there.

Q – ok.. How would you rate your this interview vs hrm interview? Which was better and why? Said choose only 1 of them

Me – I said both were equally good. Both went into different directions.. Hrm was based only on questionnaire. I could express myself decently in both the interviews, so both were equal.

Panelists- we are done.. Thank you

I feel I wasn’t that good during interview. Felt that I couldn’t create an impact on them or impressed them as I couldn’t see on their faces. And one of panelists was feeling sleepy in between the pi. plus my gd according to them was bad.

Total duration – 25 min