GD/PI |What Do You Do After Watching A Movie? Do You Go To The Eateries?


27th Feb Mumbai, morning slot




Work-ex 15 Months in Deloitte



GD– 7 of us were given a topic “Are trade unions Irrelevant”. Total time-40 mins.

We discussed all the arguments for about 20 mins, then we discussed the criteria for the argument. Then we ranked the arguments under these criteria.

We couldn’t conclude the GD though. I chipped in a few times with relevant points.

PI Experience– 3 panelists.

P1- Took my folder and asked- Do you like creative things? (My folder was made of Bamboo fibres intertwined)

Me- (Fumbling) Not really, this was the only folder that is not torn or spoilt ?

P2- So you work in Deloitte, Give me a personal learning experience in Deloitte.


P2- No not this something specific.

Me-Told a training experience.

P2- No this is a training experience. I want something more specific.

Me- Told one more exp where I had some shortcomings.

The next few questions were pretty much on this shortcoming- what I learnt from it, how I’m implementing it, any disadvantages of my solutions to this shortcomings…

All the while P1 was grinning/smiling, P3 was intently listening.

Then P3 took over- Do you like travelling? Have you travelled across India?

Me- Yes.

P3- You like travelling alone or with friends? And what do u do?

Me- Travelling alone. Listening to music, reading a book.

P3 -What are you reading right now?

Me- Contact by Carl Sagan.

P3- Any movie u have recently seen in this genre?

Me-(after about 10 sec) Dr. Strange.

P3- So do you have a large group of friends or a small one?

Me- A few close friends and a larger group of friends.

P3- What do you do after watching a movie? Do you go to the eateries?

Me- Yes (Is this a legit question?)

Then P3 asked a few questions on my questionnaire I submitted.

P2- Anything you would like to add?

Me- No Sir (Should have said something here I suppose :/)

Thats all folks.

Tips: In GD there is lot of time to express your points. Do not rush into them at once, or you might have no points later.

In PI, just be yourself. Be honest as that’s what they are looking for and also they ask probing questions so you can’t fake it for a long time.

The overall experience was chilled and some questions were vague. Not sure about the result though