GD/PI | What are your views on Robin Hood?

Xlri HRM interview transcript



Duration- 25 mins

GD– Should higher earning employees not get legal protection?

Gd went okaish, everyone spoke and we chipped in with some points. It got repetitive after a point but we stuck to the format.

Interview- 3 panelist (p)

Talked about college fest and the things I wrote in my questionnaire.  The interview revolved around that.

P- Talk about LGBT issues (as it was there in one of the questions)

Told in details. A lot of cross-questions

P- So you are an instigator of crime? You are doing something which the supreme court of India has deemed illegal?

M- Legally yes, morally no.

P- Name some Indian LGBT’s who have made it big.

Talked about a few.

P- Which people do you call at your conference for LGBT?


P- So you are always ethical?


P- Tell me a case where you were not unethical?


P- Tell me an instance where you were ethical?

Told about xat where I attempted the GK questions selectively, only those which I knew and not every question as they were non negative.

They smile.

A lot more questions regarding LGBT and college fest and its use for students.

P- What are your views on Robin Hood?

Told (I disagree) and gave the reasons behind it.

P- Suppose you are the HR manager of a company and you are also in charge of mess. You have a party on a festival and a part of the work force doesn’t want to have non veg as it is not allowed in their religion.  What would you do?

Sir can I shift it to the next day?

P- No same day

Sir then I would not like to add it as it would hurt the sentiments of a few people?

P- What about the others who really want to eat meat? Why are you not thinking about them?

Sir then I would like to host 2 parties at 2 adjacent rooms and people in that case can have what they like and can interact as well.

Talked about this for some more time

P- What are your hobbies? What else do you do?


Okay we are done. Thank you.

Mauj karo.