GD/PI | Tell Us About Antyodya Express?

MDI process -9/3/2017 Bangalore

CAT OA: 97.92 10/12/btech – 94/89/72 Work ex – 24 GD and WAT -“there is no right way to do wrong things”

Gd was fine, pitched in multiple times. No fish market, everybody got chance to speak

I was 1 in 2nd Panel (1 P, 1 F)

F: So how are you doing?

M: I am good ma’am, hope you are feeling the same

F: Role as TNP coordinator?

M: Told them.

F: Now since you have experience of 2 years, what do you think you would have done more at that time?

M: told them about various internships and trainings i could have conducted more, backed up by saying that we are still doing same for our college as alumni.

F: Role of mentor?

M: told

F: suddenly asked me about Antyodya express?

M: I told them about Antyodya yojna(my bad), she listened everything then corrected by saying it is a train (4th march news). I said I am not able to recall, I will check

F: Why TCS in news??

M: told them about mystry fiasco, share buyback

P: gave one cost estimation problem by giving function.

M: solved, did silly calculation mistake but corrected it once he approved method.

P: figure in which 4 equidistant point are there.

M: regular tetrahedron, explained (thanks to some interview question asked before)

P: why Virat Kohli, Steve smith “DRS controversy”? Why ICC didn’t take action

M: Told about there looking to pavilion, then ICC took in spirit of game, no official complain launched…at the end we saw a spectacular match so no need to push further.

That’s it, 10-14 minutes maximum. No why mdi, no other call, no why pgp-hrm ?

They were completing process so fast, within 40 minutes 4 people were done.

I think is baar sb percentile pe depend karega aur 99 + wale hi convert honge