GD/PI – What is GST | Gap in GK?

Date: 14th of February (Yeah I missed valentines’ day celebrations)

Venue: Hotel Monarch Luxur, Bangalore

WAT: The wat topic was ‘subjects such as humanities aren’t given attention as science takes the limelight. However companies look for a broad base education in their employees. How can universities devise courses to make students more employable?’

Time: 30 min (300 words) I gave points regarding Multi-disciplinary courses, interaction btw working professionals and students during their course, internships and quizzes that should be made mandatory to promote awareness. I also stressed on some subjects such as principles of management and humanities that should also be incorporated in the curriculum.

PI: There were 3 panelists. I asked if I may enter the room. When I started to wish them a good afternoon, one of them asked me to take a seat.

P1:So Arun ,what are you currently pursuing?

Me: Answered (I wondered if this was an introduction qn or a straight to the point one. I settled on the latter.)

P1: So u are a fresher. Why not get some work experience and then do mba. Why do u want to do an mba?

Me: (Heart beating fast! Sh**!) Answered that I like quant and wanted to study the business part of how an organization works as I had little knowledge about that. I also mentioned that I looked under the pedagogy of the b schools and subjects such as quantitative methods for demand forecasting and managerial economics caught my interest. (Calmed down a bit after the fast heartbeats)

P2: But those are only 2 subjects out of 27?

Me: Answered that I liked quant and that was my strength. I also mentioned that I didn’t want to waste an opportunity in joining a reputed b school like Indore. I stated that I wanted to know the business side of a company as I had some technical knowledge and that it’ll help me later when I work.

P1: So ur strength is quant? We will test u on that. Me (creepy smile)

P2: What is probability? What is a determinant? What is a Bayes’ theorem and how do u write a set which is composed of null sets? Me: Answered. (Wrote some on a piece of paper)

P2: Mm…if u throw that pencil at that clock on the wall, what is the probability that it will hit it?

Me (thought for some time): Sir, I think the probability is the ratio of area of the clock (circle) to that of the wall on which it was hanging.

P2: So the probability is same for u and me? How do u mathematically prove that?

Me: (fumbled a bit) Sir the ratio should also be multiplied by the accuracy of the person who is throwing it ( which can be found by doing the same experiment 5 or any no of times and then the finding the probability ,which will give the accuracy of the person.)

P3: What is the meant by destructive and non-destructive testing?

Me: Sir I took an elective as Non-destructive testing. So I’ll explain that first.

P3 (smiling): That is y we are asking.

Me: Answered the qn.

P3: What is Young’s modulus if elasticity? Me: Answered.

P3: Are u sure it is stress by strain? not the other way around?

Me: No sir, I am sure. P3: Is stress a destructive testing or a non-destructive one?

Me: Destructive as there is damage to the specimen. (Explained about how a stress test is conducted using the stress vs strain graph and mentioned the fatigue and yield stresses.)

P1: What are the processes that a bill goes through in the parliament?

Me: Answered and said it requires two-thirds majority for it to be passed and then, only the President’s signature is required for it to be an Act.

P1: What if it doesn’t get two-thirds? What are the two houses of parliament and what if one house opposes the bill and the other house doesn’t?

Me: answered the second qn and said that I was not sure with my answer on the first qn.

P1: What is GST and what will it replace? Me: Answered and mention the 14% criteria.

P3: Do u know any famous Menon since u r from the Menon family?

Me (flabbergasted): Sir I know only one, who is my grandfather. He is an IAS officer, sir.

P3: What is his name? Me: Answered.

P3: Ever heard of Krishnan Menon? Me: (didn’t know a basic gk qn) Sir, I don’t know sir.

P3: Mm …We have a gap in gk. Me (Return of the creepy smile)

P1: Okay u can go. Me: Thank u, sir. INTERVIEW LASTED AROUND 20–25 minutes. Well it was okay, I guess. Apart from that Krishnan Menon qn, the other qns were answerable. Fingers crossed.