GD/PI Rewind: What is Fermat’s Theorem?

MDI Gurgaon..

CAT OA %98.95, V – 99.3, DI/LR – 98.7, QA – 92.13.


X – 84.57 (ICSE)

XII – 93.3 (AP BIE)

Undergrad Major – 7.24, BITS – Pilani.

Work-Ex – 19 Months

Sector – BI & A Consultancy

Venue – Pai Viceroy Hotel, Bangalore

Slot – 9 Am

Panel No – 2

WAT Topic – Certainty of Justice can curb crime more effectively than severity of punishment.

(I was clueless in the beginning but managed to give write a brief intro and a small example to prove my stance)

We had a 15 minute WAT followed by a 15 minute GD. GD didn’t go that well, we didn’t introduce the topic well nor did we conclude well in the 15 minutes allotted to us.

PI Details –

2 Male Panelists, one in his 50’s [P1] another in his early 40’s [P2] (going by the looks, of course looks could be deceptive)

P1 : Lets have a rapid fire, Who is Rajat Gupta?

Me – Answered, mentioned he was in the news for his “Insider Trading” charges

P1 – When I ask the next question, assume the previous question has ended. What is Insider Trading?

Me – Answered

P1 – Mallya is a lot in the news, for some defaulting chargers…

Me – (interrupted in the middle)….for being a Wilful Defaulter.

P1 – What are the consequences of being a wilful defaulter?

Me – Told.

P1 – (Saw my certificated and asked) So you did a certification in Commercial Banking in India, What did you learn in that?

Me – RBI as Regulatory body etc etc.

P1 – What are NPA’s

Me – Explained.

Interview was going well till now.. The panel thought I was getting too comfortable probably, they moved on to my transcripts. I did a dual degree from BITS – Pilani, he exclaimed, people usually do MBA after B.E, you did a M.Sc after B.E.

Me – (Started explaining, why I took choose a dual degree)… P1 cuts me in the middle and asks “What are you answering that for?, Did I ask you anything, If you answer anything you want I will assume you are like RG.”

Me – I told “I was reasoning why I took a M.Sc after B.E…”

P1 – If you want to talk whatever you want you are free to talk , you have 10 minutes I will listen to you and the interview will get over, upto you.

Me – Sorry sir, I was explaining why I took an M.Sc

P1 – You don’t have to be. So you did M.Sc in Mathematics, what topics did you have.

Me – Topology, Algebra, Real Analysis, Functional Analysis…

P1 – (Cuts me in the middle) ..What is Fermats Theorem.

Me – Sorry sir, I can’t recollect.

P1 – okk, what did you learn in Topology?

Me – Learnt about Real Spaces and calculating different measures in Real Spaces.

P1 – He took my case here, he asked what imaginary spaces, asked me to explain are, (I told they can be represented with an equation, but I can’t think of any real life example)

P1 – What are Prime Numbers, sorry, everyone knows what they are, tell me its applications in Computer Science.

Me – Not sure sir, I can’t recollect its applications.

P1 – What is Boolean Algebra?

Me – Boolean is binary values, like a 0 or 1, but… I can’t recollect what Boolean algebra exactly is.

P1 – ok, why do they use Binary system, why not any other system.

Me – explained.

Had a discussion about GD and my “hand movement” in the GD, this discussion happened for a full 2 minutes (they were 2 very stressful minutes).

P2 – So you are an analyst, why do they take 95% confidence level in analytics, why not any other value?

Me – Told I don’t know that as I do the BI part and not the BA part. A discussion on what is the difference between BI and BA happened for 1 minute.

P2 – You may go.

The interview ended abruptly after 10 minutes. It started off well, but went out of my hands once the panel brought in my Math subjects.

I don’t know what the panel felt about this, but I came out with a smile.

    Hope can see light even in the darkest of hours, and I will continue to be hopeful.